14 Tips for Defensive Driving



In this article eZhire car Rental has given some useful tips for the drivers on how to drive defensively. The defensive driving is a set of driving skills that allows defending someone against possible collisions caused by drunk or bad drivers and poor weather. If someone looks ahead and observe sharply, he\she will be able to spot potential hazards more easily. If a potential hazard has been identified then act immediately.

Here we are going to give some tips to Defensive drivers that how they can avoid dangers on the road by using their safe driving practices.

Although a single person cannot control the actions of other motorists one should have a great deal of control over how he operates the vehicle. In simple words, one can increase the chances for a safe trip by following a few useful instructions.


1:Always be Focused on the task at hand.


It is Recommended to you don’t let radio, phones, air conditioning, kids in the backseat, or arguments or discussion with your partner distract you. Always be focused and pay your full attention to the road and your vehicle.

2: Always expect other drivers to make mistakes.

Don’t trust anyone but yourself. It is a famous quote but here it comes in practice.


3:  Make sure the use of safety devices.


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It is recommended that always find a car with large numbers of airbags and high safety ratings. Make sure the use of seat belt adjusters for your family.  The use of seat belts according to the children ‘s age reduces serious and fatal injuries.

4: Always Stop on red.


The main reason of intersection collisions is running the red light. Sometimes it happens because of a lack of attention to the road, glare from the setting sun and sometimes just because of a hurry.  To slow down before each intersection, and always evaluate the situation is the best practice.


6: When you have a doubt,


Keep in mind that If you aren’t certain who has the right way then be on the side of caution.  If you know you are in the right way, but another driver does not agree with you then you should give him space.  It’s always better to lose a moment than to get caught in a collision.


7: Always use your blinkers.


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Confidence is the key to safe driving always make your turns and lane changes smooth, and always signal in advance. It’s observed that improper and neglected turn signals are causes of car accidents. Your failure to signal can invalidate your insurance claim after an accident and in case of any damage, you will be financially responsible.


8: Keep a buffer between yourself and other motorists.


Tailgating leads to rear-end collisions, and you will be the one to foot the bill for the repairs. According to an estimate that 1/3 of all traffic accidents are caused by tailgating,  its recommended to you always keep the proper distance.


9: Monitor your blind spots, and stay out of others’ blind spots.


It is especially for large vehicles, such as tractor-trailers. The rule of thumb is that if someone is not able to see the driver in the truck mirror, he can’t see you either. Accidents involving semi-trucks often prove fatal for the driver of a car.


10: Always inflate the tires appropriately, and change them when they are worn.

Properly inflated tires make for safer handling, sudden blowouts can cause an instant loss of control.


11: Use headlights wisely.


Visibility can be impaired because of fog, wind, snow, rain or low light, always make sure your visibility so that you can see by turning on the headlights. In low traffic areas only use your high beams and turn them down for oncoming drivers.


12:Make sure the maintenance of your vehicle.


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Keep in mind that oil changes on a regular basis and fluid checking can save you from sudden breakdowns on the road. If your car stops on a busy highway or interstate always try to pull over in the breakdown lane. Don’t forget to use your turn signals, and notice for fast-moving cars. If you have parked a comfortable distance from traffic, lock the doors and call for help. In case you are close to the traffic, try to exit the vehicle, and try to find out a safe place to stand, away from the side and rear of the car. If you cannot reach the breakdown lane, and your car is stopped in traffic, leave the vehicle as soon as it is safe to do so, and wait for help in a secure location on the side of the road.


13:Respond safely to tailgaters.


In case someone is following you too closely, add twice as much space between your car and the vehicle in front of yours.  This will increase the ability to see and prepare for a collision. Then carefully decrease the speed to slightly below the speed of surrounding traffic, and try to move into a right-hand lane, to let the tailgater pass.  Keep in mind do not hit the brakes suddenly unless you are forced to do so to avoid a collision.


14: Look far ahead of your vehicle.


Always keep your eyes far down the road, and prevent the problems before you come to them.  Always look for erratic drivers, slow traffic, intersections, and highway debris. Nowadays there are many defensive driving classes are available in your area and online as well, you can get the privilege by getting them as a  preventive exercise for yourself.


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