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In this blog eZhire rent a car Dubai is going to describe the advantages and reasons for hiring a 7 seater car ,if you are planning to go on a trip and you have a large family. or you are looking to get away with a group of friends for a relaxing holiday and you are planning for taking a lot of luggage or you want to travel with a good enough space, Whatever reason do you have, there are many advantages to hiring a 7 seater vehicle. 7 seater offers a large space and comfort as well as its safe and fully equipped. Here we are going to mention the reasons and advantages why a 7 seater could be the right choice for you. eZhire car rental offers the 7 seaters Toyota Innova rental Dubai or anywhere in UAE as well as Toyota Previa rental in Dubai and anywhere in UAE at cheap rates.

ezhire has a fleet of vehicles available for rent that that ranges from a hatchback vehicle that can seat up to 5 people, small sedans, mid-sized seater, full-sized sedans to midsized  Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). eZhire also has a fleet of large vehicles that can seat up to 7 people like full-sized SUVs and people carriers like Multiple Purpose Vehicles (MPV). eZhire provides convenient rent a car services straight from the heart fo Dubai.


Types of Vehicle Available for Rent




eZhire Car Hire Blog

eZhire has a choice of great hatchback vehicles that can seat up to 5 people. The Nissan Micra and the Kia Picanto us available for rent for tourists, residents, and visitors who want a vehicle that is affordable, easy to drive and park. The hatchback is perfect for city driving and it can get you to almost all tourist attractions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Small Sedan


eZhire Car Rental Blog

eZhire also has several types of Small Sedan Available for customers who want a bigger vehicle that a small hatchback. The Hyundai Accent, Mitsubishi Lancer and Nissan Sunny can seat up to 5 passengers including the driver. The small sedan is perfect for city driving and weekend excursions to Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s world-famous parks.


Midsize Sedans


eZhire Car Rental Blog

For customers who want bigger legroom in an affordable package and want a vehicle that is small than a full-sized sedan eZhire has a choice of excellent midsized sedans that are safe for the family, and reliable perfect for city driving and long drives. The Nissan Sentra and Mazda 3 can seat up to 5 people and have considerable baggage room perfect for shopping sprees and weekend excursions.



Full-sized Sedan


eZhire Rent a Car Blog

eZhire has a fleet of high-class and luxury full-sized Sedans for customers who want to travel in style and comfort and who need the extra legroom. A full-size sedan like the Honda Accord, Mazda 6, and Nissan Altima. Full-sized sedans can comfortably seat up to 5 people and also jas a cavernous baggage compartment.


Midsized- SUV


eZhire Car Hire Blog

The midsized Sports Utility Vehicle is the perfect choice for customers who want excellent handling at the same time want a vehicle with the same sized as a midsized sedan. Midsized SUVs can comfortably seat up to 5 passengers including the driver and can also accommodate more baggage compared to sedans of the same class.  eZhire has plenty of excellent choices when it comes to midsized SUVs like Ford Edge, Mazda CX3, KIA Sportage and Nissan Kicks.


Full-sized SUV

eZhire Car Hire Blog

For customers looking for a vehicle that can seat up to 7 passengers can still be used on long excursions in desert safaris then a full-sized SUV is a perfect solution for this requirement. eZhire has a number of full-sized SUVs that can take on any terrain and is also perfect for shopping trips with the family. The Ford Explorer and Nissan Pathfinder.


People Carrier


Customers who want a vehicle purely for moving people from place to place and still have enough room for everyone’s baggage then eZhire’s fleet of Multipurpose Vehicle (MPV) is the perfect solution. eZhire has the Toyota Innova and the Toyota Previa rental in Dubai, perfect for safely transporting family or guests.



Things to Consider When Renting a 7-seater


There are several things you need to consider when choosing a 7-seater vehicle. The first thing to consider is that 7-seater vehicles are relatively larger compared to sedans and their handling is also completely different. There are also lesser vehicle choices that can comfortably and safely carry 7 passengers including the driver.


1. Vehicle Choices

eZhire Car Rental Blog

Looking for 7-seater vehicles will leave you are restricted in choosing large vehicles like full-size SUVs and People Carriers which can be hard to find for rent but fortunately, ezhire offers an excellent fleet of large vehicles like full-size SUVs and people carriers.


2. Handling and Driving Characteristics


SUVs and People Carrier generally handle differently from sedans because of their larger size, heavier weight, and unique characteristics so it is important to consider this ahead before putting your hands on the wheel of a large vehicle. The difference in handling is also more pronounced in extreme terrain and weather so it is important to be familiar in advance to avoid loss of control to the vehicle which may cause an accident.


3. How You Will Use the Rental Vehicle


Another thing to consider is how you will use the rental vehicle. If you’re using it to transport more baggage inside the city then people carriers like the Toyota Innova and Toyota Previa will the perfect choice because of their larger baggage capacity. If you are mostly transporting people over uneven terrain then Full-sized SUVs like the Ford Explorer or Nissan Pathfinder.


4. Who your Passengers are


If your passengers are your family, close relatives, business partners, and important guests then renting a Full-sized SUV is the perfect choice because of its plush and comfortable interior and its strong exterior presence. If your passengers are just your friends and colleagues then renting a people carrier is the economical choice.


5. The Cost


SUVs and People Carriers generally costs more than the average sedan so it comes to no surprise that the rental rates will also be considerably more expensive than that of the sedan. SUVs also cost more than people carriers and this also reflects on the rate between Fullsixed SUVs and people carriers.



Advantage of Renting a 7-Seater in Dubai


1. Bigger Space


eZhire Car Rental Blog

The bigger vehicle comes with bigger space and it is one of the many advantages of renting big 7-seater vehicles like the Toyota Innova or the Toyota Previa in Dubai. The extra space can be used for more baggage and legroom.


2. Cheaper in the Long Term


Big vehicles have a relatively more expensive rate compared to small sedans but they are generally cheaper compared to renting to smaller sedans to fit 7 people. Having all the passengers in one vehicle also means that it is cheaper in terms of gas.


3. Safer for Everyone


Having all passengers in one vehicle compared to two vehicles is safer because drivers can take shifts in driving the vehicle especially in long-distance drives and minimize the risks of having the driver fall asleep in the wheel.


4. More Comfortable for the Passengers


Full-Sized SUVs and People carriers are well-appointed in baggage space and legroom because of their size they also have more gadgets and amenities that can help make the journey more comfortable that is not typically found in small cars like hatchbacks and small sedans.



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