The Right way to hold a steering wheel

The Right way to hold a steering wheel

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Most of the drivers, drive in the same way, which they have learned during their training, Previously the most common lesson given to the new drivers was that the driver’s hands should be placed in the 10 O’clock and 2 O’clock position on the wheel as if the steering wheel is a clock. If someone still likes to use that method, then keep in mind its not a  safe way. It is risky. In fact, driving with both hands on the steering wheel at ‘ten and two’ is downright dangerous, and can expose someone to some serious injuries, this is mainly because of the safety improvements, and airbags, in particular, are a big factor. So it is recommended to use the 9 and 3 O’clock position on your wheel.


The Correct Clock


Most of the driving centers recommend the 9 and 3 O’clock positions now,  but some other suggest the 8 and 4 O’clock positions are safer. As   8 and 4 positions reduce the risk of more serious airbag-related injuries in case of collision, but this position gives a little less overall control of the vehicle. Actually choosing the 9 and 3 options are best for vehicle handling as one will be able to control the vehicle more efficiently.


Some Risky Habits


Mostly drivers adopt bad driving habits easily, and if someone starts driving in that way it will be hard to get rid of those habits. Drivers should always use both hands, avoid to use one hand on the steering wheel and they should avoid using the phone while driving as these are common bad habits, driving single-handedly is one of the most dangerous habits. One can lose control of the vehicle and in just a second accident can happen. Although most cars are automatic, those with stick-shifts often prefer to drive with one hand on the stick. Perhaps they think that this way is safer and more responsive,  but the safest way to drive is always using both hands on the steering wheel.


Holding the central hub


It is not as common as driving with one hand on the wheel, but a surprising number of drivers like to hold their steering wheel in the central hub. Some even use just one finger! This way is a remarkably lazy way to drive, as it’s a comfortable way. Indeed driving in this way is very dangerous and gives the driver almost no control over the vehicle in any emergency condition.


Twelve O’clock Steering


This is a very common issue,driving with both hands at the top of the steering wheel is not safer than driving with one hand. Because in any emergency situation if someone needs to react quickly,  definitely one can not react in a proper way because both hands will be doing the same thing. One will lose a massive amount of precision by driving with both hands together, mainly because of losing their internal resistance. Not only that but if any collision occurs and airbags deploy then one’s hands and arms will be forced directly into the face at high speeds,this can cause serious injuries that can be easily avoided by keeping the hands further apart.




Drivers should always keep in mind to not assume that the driving lessons they learned are always right.  Technology has changed the way by designing new features and no matter how long someone has been driving in the same way, the car will respond more and will be safe while driving, if one can get rid of those bad driving habits. Drivers should relearn how to hold steering wheel types, doing so will keep everyone much safer on the roads.



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