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Infiniti Q50 review by eZhire

This article is about the Infiniti Q50 reviews, as eZhire is rent a car mobile app we are obliged to review important cars in UAE. Infiniti Q50 compact sedan provides the fastest and efficient hybrid version (360 hp, 5 seconds to 60 mph), ultra-modern equipment at a reasonable price. Infiniti has the ability to gain speed and brake autonomously and the Q50 is capable of automatic steering (though in a small range) as well.

Infiniti Q50 eZhire Blog

Infiniti Q50 is High-power hybrid version with 360 hp

It is the most powerful vehicle, with a hybrid powertrain of a gasoline 3.7-liter V6 and a 68-hp electric motor, it gives the combined power of 360 hp, great fuel efficiency, and great acceleration.

The only other engine option is an ordinary V6 version (328 hp), which, though weighting about 200 pounds lighter, gives almost the same performance, although it’s not so efficient.

The potent Q50 Red Sport is EPA-rated at 20/26 mpg City/Highway, or 22 mpg Combined, with rear-drive. All-wheel drive dips the estimate to 19/26/22 mpg. All Q50s need premium fuel.


Two important systems of the Infiniti Q50


There are two important systems of Infiniti Q50,  safety, and sportier handling.   Because of the variable steering ratio, one can turn the steering wheel on smaller angles if driving at low speeds and at higher speeds the steering ratio increases to make steering more precise, driving the Q50 on a normal road have no difference from an ordinary car. While a special force feedback system (similar to one’s uses at gaming steering wheels for PlayStation) produces the return force at the wheel, emulating traditional steering experience. The returning effort at the wheel depends on speed, it increases with the speed, as well as it is adjustable through the setting menu.

Electronic control of the steering wheels provides a number of new safety features such as automatic correction of road bumps (especially in corners),  winds and other forces that could change the vehicle`s course. The car provides visual warnings of collision and audio so that one can see, hear and also can feel the danger.

The Q50 has an active side impact system as well, in case the blind-spot monitoring systems detect a vehicle parallel course, the force feedback system will generate slightly increased effort. An active lane control automatic steering helps to maintain the lane. If a complete system fails, the steer-by-wire system can automatically switch to the manual mode, so there is no chance to lose control of the vehicle.


 Four-wheel-drive optional, rear-wheel-drive standard


The top versions of the Q50 (both the hybrid and the V6) can feature an optional 4-wheel-drive system, which is extremely important for a powerful car, even on dry pavements.

As it’s now common, in normal conditions the 4WD Infiniti remains a rear-wheel-drive car, but as soon as electronics detect a wheel slipping, up to 50% of the torque is sent to the front wheels.


The exterior of Infiniti Q50


Infiniti Q50 eZhire Blog


It has a handsome and athletic appearance, modestly updated for the 2018 model, it has many rival luxury compact sedans.

Having the sharply creased hood, the front bumper opens widely at the bottom. The elements of ure and Luxe trim levels are decorated with chrome elements. Sport and Red Sport models rely on black trim accents.


 Interior of Infiniti Q50


 Infiniti Q50 eZhire Blog

Infiniti Q50 has each and every possible option including the base version. Along with all traditional features such as keyless entry, dual-zone climate control, entry/start, rear-view camera leather power seats. As well as an infotainment system with the access of internet and built-in features to surf social networks like checking the emails, and Sirius XM Satellite radio.  Advanced climate control with auto-re-circulation, Plasma cluster air purifier, and Grape Polyphenol Filter are also available.


The Passenger accommodations excel in both front and rear, Efficient, comfortable seating helps in increasing available space, especially in the back. Two adults can fit easily in the rear seat, even though it’s not as all-day comfortable as the front. Three can ride in the rear, at least for shorter trips.

It is fit and finish, meet the standard of luxury-cars. All the more so in Sport and Red Sport trim levels, with soft leather that’s attractive.

Infiniti’s finicky and confusing dual-screen infotainment system dominates the dashboard which is not a very common feature in most of the cars. Some functions seem to be duplicated, appearing on both screens. The infotainment system also lacks Apple Car Play and Android Auto compatibility.

Infiniti Q50 has cruise features with full speed, which can forward-collision warnings, emergency braking features, blind-spot warning, and prevention system as well as adaptive LED headlights with an automatic adjustment of the light in turns and low high beam switching.


Final Words on the Car Infiniti Q50

The Q50 has a compelling near-luxury sedan value and its very popular these days as well. The Base versions are well-equipped and no doubt it has qualities of great values, standard-equipment lists are admiring and impressive. As a result, Infiniti Q50 has become one of the largest sedans in its class, as a  reasonable alternative to bigger mid-size sedans.


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