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In this post, we have reviewed the Hatchback and Compact SUV. Hatchback cars are small cars that can accommodate 5 people and it doesn’t have an extended boot, SUV is expanded as Sports Utility Vehicle and these cars are in the category of big cars, which were specially designed to go over rocky, rough and deserted surfaces.

Compact SUVs have been outselling similarly priced hatchbacks for quite a while now. Definitely, a compact SUV has upper hand at only a slightly higher price.


Here are some Pros of SUV


  • Roomy, Having more space
  • More clear and better View of the Road
  • Better Gas Mileage
  • More Practicality
  • Stylish looks


1Roomy, having more space


If someone needs to carry a lot of stuff on a daily or regular basis for example if one’s hobby is to go on weekend road trips and carry gear with them like camping equipment or some heavy stuff like playing stuff, then one should buy or rent an SUV car.

One can feel the difference at onboard on an SUV, one will find more enough space in the back to carry all the stuff.  it’s also easy for someone to make additional space for storage. Indeed, one can easily fit cargo carriers, roof racks, and even bike racks to any SUV. SUV provides a great facility to get ready and equipped for the next trip.

If someone has a big family or group of friends, the passenger capacity of a sedan just won’t do. This is especially true if someone still has more cargo to carry aside from the passengers.

SUV comes with pretty big passenger capacity. Such as the Chevrolet Traverse mid-size SUV has a passenger capacity of around six people.

Meanwhile, the 2018 Chevrolet Suburban large size SUV has a passenger capacity of six to nine people depending on the seat configuration and variant you choose. On the other hand, the 2018 Cadillac Escalade has a passenger capacity of up to eight passengers.


2.More clear and better View of Road


compact SUVs are taller than the hatchbacks, one will sit at a higher height, that’s why it helps someone to get a better view of the road. A height advantage having a better view of the surroundings.

SUV is a perfect vehicle if a driver likes to see a full view of the road ahead, the driver on board on an SUV is able to see or easily notice any spot or cracks on the road and avoid them just in time. As well as it allows to spot an available parking space much more easily.


3.Better Gas Mileage


Full-sized SUVs such as the Honda Pilot are very roomy and comfortable. It can tow heavy loads and can handle smoothly in off-road conditions. A heavier vehicle, though, requires more fuel to travel. As high gas prices have made a full-sized SUV too much of a financial burden for people, a compact SUV is a perfect compromise. Someone will still get the extra room, the comfortable ride, and the better view of the road. However, someone can also get a smaller, lighter vehicle that uses fuel much more conservatively. In a typical year of driving more than 13,000 miles, the savings can really add up.


4.More Practicality


While most of the compact SUVs offer only as much space as a large hatchback, there’s still an advantage of higher practicality. One can easily fold a seat or two and can increase the capacity of luggage-carrying. Its good enough for these mini-SUVs being taller than hatchbacks, the cabin is not only airier but also offers more space to load a large size of luggage. Also, one can mount the bicycles on the hatch door or fix a luggage rack to the roof without becoming an odd-sight on the road.




Unlike the other categories, this is entirely down to individual taste and personal choice. In recent years the SUV has become much more fashionable and crossovers reflect this, as they maintain the looks of an SUV but without the same capabilities. Hatchbacks also boast good looks and excellent styling options, with many manufacturers.


Pros of Hatchbacks


  • Low price
  • Lower Cost of Running
  • Sportier


1.Lower Price


Obviously hatchbacks are cheaper than compact SUVs, basically, one can get all the comfort and safety features for a lower price. So, all those who are on a tight budget are better off buying a feature-laden hatchback over a similarly priced compact SUV with lesser features.


2.Lower Cost of Running


Generally, hatchbacks are not only lighter than their compact SUV counterparts but also available with small engines. Hatchbacks are useful as they end up having a mileage in spite of offering similar performance. So, hatchbacks end up not only being easier to buy but also easier to run. As well as the maintenance is easier due to the lower cost of spares. One ends up spending a lot lesser on maintaining a hatchback than a compact SUV. It makes far more sense to buy a Ford Figo over an Eco Sport if low running costs are what you’re looking for.




While Compact SUVs like the Ford Eco Sport are sufficiently fun in the corners, hatchbacks like the Fiat Punto or even the new Figo are a tad better. Simply the hatchbacks have a lower center of gravity, which means the body roll is better contained and one will feel more confident and comfortable while pushing a car in the corners. The major issue with Compact SUVs is the higher body roll. This is because of the high ground clearance.


Hatchback and Compact SUV – Verdict


This blog has highlighted the benefits of both types of cars. One can buy a hatchback if he has a limited budget or has a small family. No doubt a hatchback is easier to maintain, which means one can save money in the long run also, as well as some of the hatchbacks,  are better cornering tools than most of the compact SUVs. On the flip side, a compact SUV offers a higher street presence along with more ruggedness. It will also turn out to be more practical. One will get benefits from all such virtues by spending more than what he would spend on buying a hatchback.   A compact SUV should serve you well in case you crave for a higher street presence, more ruggedness, and higher practicality, and don’t mind spending a bit extra.

 Finally, it depends on one’s choice as both types have different uses and benefits but it is recommended that choose the vehicle according to the choice, requirements, and budget.


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