7 things to consider while driving on the opposite side of the road


7 Things To consider while driving on the opposite side of the road

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Most people have the experience to drive on the left-hand side on the road, for driving at the right can be a scary and different experience. Road trip in your own country can be a rewarding, sometimes its distracting, experience, especially because of other people. But if you plan to visit a country by car abroad, you have the added stress of driving on the opposite side of the road.


But why do we drive on different sides of the road?


Most countries have the rule to drive on the left hand of the road such as England, India, Australia Southern Africa, as well as the Caribbean. Europe generally drives on the right-hand side apart from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta and Cyprus. UAE as well have the rule to drive on the right side of the road.


The driving laws are different in different countries, according to British government law they can drive on the left side of the road. The French people drive at the right side, as it was an intimidating war tactic, and the two countries’ preferences filtered down to their colonies during imperial expansion.   According to the US, it was an easy way to handle their carts with the right-hand.


Unfortunately for South Africans, and other left-handers like Jamaica, India, Australia, and Hong Kong, the majority of the world actually drive on the right-hand side of the road (aka the WRONG side), so whenever someone is going for a  road trip at  the highways of the US or want to discover  quiet Italian villages in the hills, one should make his right plan according to the rule of driving side.


Here we are going to share a few tips to help you to adjust in.

 1: One should be aware of the driving law of the country before traveling


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It’s necessary to check if there are any differences in law in the visiting country, and any difference should be remembered by heart before driving.


 2: Better to rent out an automatic car

As automatic cars are less prolific, automatic cars are more common in economically advanced countries and these cars are easily convertible to manual. One should give more preference to renting an automatic car so that all the focus should be used on the driving and less on the changing gears.


3: Place a reminder note on your steering wheel


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This will be a great idea to place a note on your steering, it will be a good reminder that reminds you to drive on the right and is a great way to stop you from falling into old habits.


 4: The pedals are in the same position

Right-hand cars aren’t an exact mirror image to their left-hand cars. The one upside is that the pedals at least stay in the same position in both cars, so one should not worry about the feet stepping on the wrong pedal.


 5: Drive below the speed limit

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If someone is not used to driving on both sides of the road, it will be good to drive at below the speed limit, stay in the slow lane (which will be on the RIGHT) and always try to keep more distance.


 6: Remember roundabouts go counterclockwise

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Roundabouts are like traffic cones compared to some circles overseas, and if you manage to find yourself coming up towards a multi-lane monster, just remind yourself that you need to go counterclockwise – otherwise you’re going to become THAT tourist in the local newspaper.


 7: Make sure you’re checking the right way for oncoming traffic

 There is a need to check both ways always if you are not used to driving different sides.


While you may have the right-hand game down and can do a roundabout in your sleep, you can still end up looking on the wrong side of oncoming traffic when making a turn. Always check both ways a few times and take them slowly. Remember other drivers are not going to know you’re not from their country and is something you should also remember back home when honking at a bewildered driver.


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