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Planning a road trip with your children can be very challanging , before travelling you should make sure all basic things regarding your child’s safety, health, and all other needs and requirements as It’s important that your child is traveling safely and comfortably, no matter how far you’re driving.  Here we are going to mention some mandatory preparations you should do before starting a car journey.


Basic Things which should be considered


eZhire Car Rental Blog

Providing entertaintment to your children during the trip is also very important, it is better to develop their interest as well as it is also good for you to engage them in a fun based activity.  Plan to use this time for them for having fun and learn something new

Such as an electronic gaming device and movie players can keep children occupied, So if you are going to give them an iPad or game player, give them a time limit as well because it is necessary to realize them the importance of time.

You can also give them an option to play games, hand-held puzzles, magnetic board or some colorful storybook. It will be better to rent a car with enough space for a comfortable road trip.


Children ‘s Health


eZhire Car Rental Blog

It is important to take some travel sickness medicine with you, there is always a chance of travel sickness with children, there are several types of medicines available nowadays but it will be better to consult with a doctor. As there is no rule about how often you should take a break and for how long, but it is recommended to you that you should stop at least after every 2 hours, for a minimum of 20 minutes. This will be more relaxing for children to get a chance to stretch their legs, get some fresh air, and stop for a bathroom break. Mostly children getting sick during long hours’ journey, if your children are in the same category, there are some useful tips:

Try to engage your children to look outside of the car, this strategy is useful to reduce the chances of sickness like headache, body pain or feelings of anger, etc.

  • Plan pre-trip meals and avoid feeding them anything heavy or greasy.
  • Make sure to availability of enough drinking water
  • air ventilation throughout the car.


Legal Requirements


eZhire Car Rental Blog

 It is very important to keep yourself up to date with the latest legislation when it comes to traveling with children in cars it is very important for comfortable and safe traveling. Failing to comply with these laws can cost you a hefty fine, and may mean you’re putting your child at risk.


            Things you need to know


  • Mostly there are three types of children’s car seats: rear-facing, forward-facing (which have an impact cushion or harness), and booster seats (which can be backless or have a high back).
  • You can choose a child seat based on a child’s height or weight.
  • Hight-based car seats, also known as ‘i-Size’ seats, must be rear-facing until your child is over 15 months old, once they’re over this age, they may use a forward-facing seat. You must check your child’s height to make sure it’s suitable for the ‘i-Size’ seat.
  • You must deactivate front airbags if you’re using a rear-facing baby seat at the front.
  • Once children no longer need to use a car seat, they must wear a seatbelt and can travel in the front seat.
  • A driver can be fined if a child under 14 years old doesn’t wear a child restraint or seat belt, anyone over this age will pay the fine themselves.
  •   It is very important to maintain the energy level of the children, make sure to take some snacks, nuts, fruits, and drinks. If you are going for a long journey it will be a better idea to take packed lunches
  • Make sure you’ve got wet wipes, hand sanitizer and an extra bag for garbage to keep things clean
  • Make sure the availability of some pillows and blankets in the car so that your children can get a nap to stay calm and relax. A sun-shade is also useful to keep the rays from shining in, which can be attached to windows.


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