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Driving is very dangerous if you are tired, as accidents happen in one second because of poor concentration. If you feel tired or sleepy, don’t drive. If someone is trying to stay awake and alert when driving for a long distance, especially at night can be very risky.


PLAN Before driving


Sleep well before going on a long journey. Make sure to have some time for breaks on your itinerary.  It will be better to avoid driving between midnight and early morning. Try to avoid heavy food, it can make you feel sleepy. Avoid drinking alcohol. Avoid to check your mobile phone after every 5 minutes this habit can distract you and it can be risky.




There is a heavy chance to get caught up in reaching your destination and ignore the signs when you are not fresh and tired. If you are distracted and trying hard to focus on driving, yawning or finding that you are drifting out of your lane, it is time to take a break. Keep in mind that arriving late is better than ending up in a car accident.


OPEN THE WINDOWs TO GET the fresh air


It will be good if you open your windows and let the fresh air come into the car. This will be helpful to make you more alert and awake.




If you are feeling tired, it is necessary to take a break at a safe place and get fresh. Go out of the vehicle and stretch your legs, or get some light thing to eat. It will be a refresher to take a 10 to 15 minutes break after every two hours on a long drive to avoid falling asleep in the car.


Enjoy your favorite music


Play your favorite music or find something good to listen during driving so you can focus. Music is a good way to concentrate and it will keep you awake.




Traveling with a friend or family member is one of the best ways to avoid any mishap, keep up a conversation.Indeed the above are only short-term solutions for when you begin to feel tired or sleepy while driving, however, if you are very tired, the only solution is to STOP driving and only begin again when you are fully refreshed and mentally prepared.


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