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Nissan Sentra is produced by Nissan since 1982, it is a mid-sized compact sedan, which is the most famous car in UAE because it’s a feature-loaded offering within an affordable price range. After 2013, it has been sold as the rebadged version of the Nissan Sylphy. The Sentra has been a very familiar car in many parts of the world.

Nissan Sentra has the impressive sales number of the cars in the UAE market, it is very frequent for this car to improve and update with minor changes, after every short time to give it a fresh look. The 2018 Nissan Sentra displayed the current look with a subtle design twist. The design is aerodynamic, which improves fuel efficiency and reduces air friction. It is true that it is a modern sedan as the company claimed it.



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The Sentra is not only comfortable but it has a great space and one of the best cabins of Nissan, which is equipped with a wide range of features to give comfort and convenience for excellent riding experience.

The soft touch material along with leather-wrapped seats is used for the whole interior of the car, it offers you a delightful and comfortable cabin. The seats are spacious enough to allow five adults to sit comfortably, the knee room and legroom are appreciable. The car gets a spacious boot space with a capacity of 510 liters.

The connecting system of Nissan is very convenient for the drivers, as it gives almost everything such as social media, several apps, Google navigation, and streaming audio.  One can operate easily all functions with touchscreen, as there is a touchscreen infotainment system available on the dashboard, which can seamlessly connect to your smartphone as well.

The steering wheel of the car is mounted with the cruise control buttons that aids to keep track of the road. The additional convenience features including the start/stop button, intelligent key and a smart rearview mirror that automatically tilts to offer a great quality of the view.




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The 2018 Nissan Sentra has stylish, classy features and look, it’s a compact sedan, which gets minimal changes in styling over the 2013 model. However, some attractive and decent changes are enough to add some extra perks. It offers a sculpted body with decent lines and beautiful curves.

The redesigned new Sentra is slightly aerodynamic, which improves the fuel-efficiency of the car. At the front, it gets the brighter and clear Xenon headlamps, unlike the traditional bulb headlamps that are outdated now and bring dullness to the design. The Xenon headlamps enhance visibility, thus offering a safer riding experience during the night. It also flaunts daytime running LEDs that add to the mature styling of the car. No surprise, that the tail-lights are LED too.

Compared to other Nissan models, the compact Sentra looks welcoming. Next, to competitors from other automakers, it’s less appealing. With its relatively tall, almost boxy profile, the Sentra lags behind modern rivals from the likes of Honda and Mazda.

Sentra sheet metal shows a clear kinship to the bigger Altima, include rather deep creases and a body line that stretches from nose to tail. Turbocharged Sentras feature a number of visual extras, including LED daytime running lights, side sills, and a spoiler.


Engine Performance


eZhire Car Rental Blog

The Nissan Sentra is available in three different variants, Sentra 1.6 S, Sentra 1.6 S+AW and Sentra 1.8 S+AW. The 1.6-liter petrol engine with a manual transmission option. Although the top-notch variant gets the 1.8-liter petrol unit that comes paired with the XTRONIC CVT gearbox. The option of CVT in the top-notch trim aids to sleek change of gear with minimal changes in input throttle, thereby, eliminating the need for gear hunting.

In terms of mileage, the 1.6-liter unit and 1.8-liter unit consumes 6.1-litre and 6.9-litre of fuel for every 100 km respectively. The lightweight engine, aerodynamic design and the introduction of Eco pedal indicator optimize the performance to deliver a high fuel efficiency.


Braking Safety


Nissan uses its new safety shield philosophy to provide the Sentra with all the essential safety kits, which not only provides you the safety but protects you during any kind of mishap.

The safety component is specially designed by the manufacturer, as there are six airbags provided for the safety of the driver as well as passengers during any type of secondary collision to provide cushioning from all sides. It also provides ISOFIX, which acts as the child seat anchors to keep a child fully safe during the drive.

The braking system of the car offers anti-lock braking system (ABS) to control the braking of the car effectively in any hard situation. This car also has an Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD) to send the extra braking force to the rear wheels if it is required.

The car is also packed with the other useful features such as anti-theft alarm and rear parking camera for additional safety. It also gets a Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) that aids to drive the car in your intended path.


Final Word


This car is indeed Roomy and quiet, its a relatively affordable choice. Average in capability, its the type of car driven by millions each day. Best values are the lower-cost versions. Even the base Sentra is comparatively well-equipped for its price.


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