Top 8 things to do in Sharjah

Top 8 things to do in Sharjah,rent a car in Sharjah without security deposit.

In this blog we will describe the top 8 things to do in Sharjah, Sharjah city is the third-largest city in the United Arab Emirates so it comes to no surprise that Sharjah city is also a hotspot for tourists and travelers, there are many places to visit in Sharjah city. Sharjah is just an hour away from Dubai. The Sharjah city is also the capital of the Emirate of Sharjah that has existed for more than 120,000 years and has been ruled by the Al Qasimi Royal Family since 1727. Sharjah was named UNESCO’s “Arab Capital of Culture” in 1998 as a testament to its cultural heritage.


 Places to Visit in Sharjah City


Sharjah city is home to a number of museums that showcases the Arabian Culture and tradition. The Sharjah city is also dotted with popular tourist attractions and historical sites that are perfect for the entire family. Sharjah city has meticulously preserved its identity and culture and is considered one of the best places to visit to immerse in Islamic Culture. The city also has great places for shopping and entertainment.

1. The Sharjah Heritage District


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The Sharjah Heritage District is the center of the city and showcases what the region has to offer. It is a great place to immerse in the local culture. The project is known as the “Heart of Sharjah” and is a project that aims to preserve the cultural heritage of the city and the region. The heritage site has an area of over 35,000 square meters and is considered as the largest in the region. The project is centered on the restoration of the Sharjah Souq district, the Al Hisn Sharjah, and the Sharjah Heritage Museum.

2. Al Majaz Waterfront


The Al Majaz Waterfront is a great place for sightseeing and entertainment for the whole family. The Area covers over 21,000 square meters and overlooks the Khaled Lagoon. The waterfront is dotted with a number of restaurants that cater to different tastes and flavors. The waterfront is the hub for entertainment with children’s playground, mini-golf, and beautiful scenery. The centerpiece is the Sharjah Musical Fountain that overlooks a magnificent viewing platform.

3. Qanat Al Qasba


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The Qanat Al Qasba is the middle-eastern representation of a western strip mall. The Qanat Al Qasba is a great hub for the Sharjah Boat tour and the City Sightseeing bus. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes to keep you relaxed and is a great place to hang out with the kids in your free time. There are go-karts available for the children and a kid’s fun zone. The Qanat Al Qasba is also very near to the Eye of the Emirates

4. Eye of the Emirates


The Eye of the Emirates is one of the city’s new icon. It is a giant Ferris wheel that measures more than 60 meters tall. It offers spectacular views of the city and the Persian gold. It is capable of carrying 336 passengers with its 42 air-conditioned cabins.

5. Al Noor Mosque


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The Al Noor Mosque is one of the grandest mosques of the over 600 mosques that are open to the public in Sharjah. It was built on April 6, 2003, and took over 2 years to complete. The Mosque has a capacity of 2200 worshippers and has 34 dome that measures up to 32 meters and 2 minarets that has a height of 52 meters. The Al Noor Mosque is situated very close to the Khaled Lagoon.

6. The Blue Souk


The Blue Souk is the shopping center of the city and is locally known as the central market place. The Souk has traditional middle-eastern and Islamic Architecture and is a great place to immerse in traditional shopping and culture. The Souk has many products to choose from, like middle eastern rugs, carpets, trinkets, and jewelry to more modern items like electronics and gadgets.

7. Sharjah Aquarium


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The Sharjah Aquarium is one of the largest aquaria in the region that measures over two stories. The Aquarium showcases over 200 species of fish, and marine life. The aquarium has 20 sperate tanks that display different aquatic environments. Visitors can view magnificent corals, and sharks in an underwater tunnel that runs through one of the main tanks.

8. Arabian Wildlife Center and Sharjah Desert Park


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For tourists and travelers who want to experience what it is like to live in the desert, Sharjah has an amazing Wildlife Center and Desert Park. The Park is located 30 kilometers from the city. The Sharjah Desert Park is a great place for the whole family especially for kids to learn and interact with desert wildlife. The Park also has a botanical garden that also showcases a collection of plants found in a desert ecosystem.


Final Thoughts


Sharjah is a great place to visit for the entire family. It is just a short distance away from Dubai that provides a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of the city. Sharjah offers a rustic and authentic cultural experience for the whole family with its well preserved historical sites and mosques. The city’s dedication to preserving its cultural heritage and identity has made it the destination for travelers who want to immerse in middle eastern culture.


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