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The mystic city of Muscat is the capital of the Sultanate of Oman. The city of Muscat stretches from the pristine beaches facing the Strait of Hormuz to the desert of the Arabian Peninsula. Muscat has enchanted travelers for over a millennia and it is no surprise that a road trip to Muscat from Dubai is one of the favorite adventure itineraries for most tourists and travelers. The long journey takes them from the beautiful skyscrapers of Dubai to long enchanting stretches of dessert, and finally the enchanting city of Muscat.


Muscat offers travelers with enchanting experiences and traditional charms from exotic markets, to picturesque desert backdrops,  sparkling views of the coastlines, and historic sites. The journey from Dubai to Muscat is certainly a worthwhile experience for travelers who love the outdoors and for the rest of the family.


What You Need Before You Cross


Since you are crossing from the United Arab Emirates to Oman and back it is important to have important documents ready to avoid unnecessary delays and inconveniences. The documents must be presented during the crossing and failure to present the requirements the border authorities can refuse entry.


  • A valid passport with 6 months validity
  • Visa and entry fee to enter Oman
  • Exit tax from the UAE
  • Proof of Permission to drive the vehicle
  • Insurance that covers the vehicle and must be applicable in UAE and Oman


It is important that your passport is well documented and stamped especially when you cross into Oman to avoid the inconvenience of being sent back to have your passport stamped again. Since it a long road trip it is also important to pack the essentials like an extra supply of water and food. Ezhire also offers a great line up of 4x4s, SUVs, and Sedans that are perfect for the journey. Ezhire vehicles are well maintained and kept in top conditions so you don’t have to worry and enjoy more on the road trip.


The Trip to Muscat from Dubai


eZhire Car Rental Blog


There are many roads that lead to Muscat from Dubai and all of them takes you to exciting views and breathtaking scenes. Every route to Muscat is the scenic route with the option to go offroading in the vast desert expanse. The Usual route is the Dubai-Hatta road (E66) and then towards the Emirates Road (611). The Emirates roads take you the the Hatta border crossing. After the border crossing, you can take Route One and the continue towards Muscat via the coastal roads.

The road trip to Muscat is already an adventure in itself and you don’t have to worry about food and supplies since there are plenty of route stops along the way.


Things to Do in Muscat


The City of Muscat is one of the oldest established cities around the globe. The rich history of the city has filled volumes of books dedicated to describing its mystic splendor.  One of the best places to visit in Muscat is the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque


Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque


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The Sultan Qaboos Mosque was built in 2001 and is open to both Muslim and Non-Muslim visitors. The Grand Mosque has 5 Minarets and can accommodate up to 20,000 devotees and worshippers. The Mosque has lavish interiors and a great garden to explore to. The Mosque is open to visitors from Sunday to Thursday from 8:30 am to 11 am. Visitors are expected to dress respectfully when visiting the Mosque.


Mutrah Souk


The Mutrah is the city’s oldest market and visiting it will take you back to the lands of time where Bazaars were the shopping malls. Almost everything can be found in the market from silvery jewelry, potteries, and textiles.


The National Museum


eZhire Car Rental Blog


The National Museum is located in the heart of the city across the Sultan’s Palace. The Museum is a great place to immerse in the culture of Oman and the city of Muscat. The National Museum is a great place to start exploring the heart of the city and is open from Saturday to Thursday at 10am to 5pm and 2pm to 6pm on fridays.


Al Alam Palace


Al Alam Palace is located in Old Muscat. Despite the palace not open to the public, you can still get a great view of the imposing palace with its unique architecture.


Royal Opera House of Muscat


The Opera house is a great place to visit with family and is located in the Shanti Al Qurum district just a short trip away from the beaches. The Royal Opera offers tours and has many memorabilia on display. It is definitely a great place to immerse in local culture.


Qurum Beach


Qurum Beach is one of the tourist centers of the city. It offers splendid views of the strait of Hormuz and is dotted with cafes and restaurants.


Mutrah Corniche


The Mutrah Corniche is a waterfront that stretched for more than 3 kilometers. The beautiful port and promenade is a great place to spend an afternoon exploring and taking in the local culture. Local delicacies and street food can be found along the promenade. The Mutrah Corniche also offers a panoramic view of a 16th century fort.


Final Words


The city of Muscat is also surrounded with great sites to visit from blue desert oasis to historic forts. Muscat is also a great staging area for trips in the outskirts of the region. The city is dotted with 18th-century forts and buildings with a mix of historic Arabian and western architecture. Ezhire has a fleet of vehicles that can safely take you from Dubai to Muscat and back without you having to worry about car breakdowns. The well-maintained Ezhire fleet makes your trip more enjoyable and safe.


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