If you are going to rent a car second or third time, it will definitely be in your knowledge that finding the desk of your car rental company is not an easy task. Although most of the companies have an airport pick-up location, it does not mean that all the companies can be found in the same place, or following the same procedure of getting you to their desk. But that’s not a problem, here we are going to explain the most common pick-up procedures from the airport locations and elsewhere.


Among the multiple car rental companies,it is very hard to choose a trustable, good reputable company with reasonable prices but for that you can get help from google, search out the most famous companies and select any one after reading the policies and reviews about the  companies .


Inside the airport terminal building, many companies have their desks and most of them situated around the same area. Simply follow the signage to get to the car hire area you will find the desks of car rental here and surely you have to follow one of the representatives to a separate parking area where you will find your rental car.  It is recommended to make sure that which car rental company is the supplier of your rental!  It will be useful to carefully read the Terms and Conditions on eZhire’s booking engine which can be found also on your voucher, Keep in mind that even if they state that your company’s desk is inside the terminal,some companies may be having their desks in a different place that is not in the main car hire area. Might be the desk located within the airport area, but in a separate building in the vicinity of the terminal building. Mostly it is very common that car rental companies having their desks in the same place, within a short walking distance from the terminal. There is another pick-up procedure some companies use, is called ‘meet and greet’. This means that there will be a representative of the company waiting for you in the arrivals area, with usually either your name or the name of the company written on a board. The representative will then take you directly to the car, located at the airport, where you will complete the pick-up documentation and checks. It will be more easy for you if you have a booking with a company, by using this way you will not have to visit a company desk at all.


An off-site airport located desk means that there is need to take some other kind of transport to get to the location. As we recommended before that you should check the Terms and Conditions and policies on the booking engine and on your voucher carefully, as mostly there are often additional details on the location. Companies sometimes use the procedure of ‘meet and greet’ by  meeting you in the area of arrivals and  by guiding you to the correct shuttle bus that can take you to the office. You can read the instructions on your voucher and find your way to the shuttle bus by yourself, but you will also often find signage at the airport showing you to the correct bus stop. Some more established, larger car hire companies will have their own dedicated shuttle buses to transport you to their offices but it is not common. If you are having trouble to find out your car rental company’s desk, be it in the terminal or off site, you can get the contact number of Car rental company from your voucher and can reach at the specific office where you will need to pick up the car.


If pick up or drop off at the airport is not suitable to your travel plans, that’s not an issue , most of the companies also offer downtown locations. You may find these appropriate if you are arriving by train, or looking for something close to your hotel. Make sure to check the address of the location and also insure that the location is open for your pick-up and drop-off time.


As Certain car hire companies offer delivery and collection services, but there is always need to confirm this separately. If you have booked a delivery and collection, the car delivered or collected, or both, to and from a specific location can be arranged for you. You can call to your car rental company for the arrangement of delivery and collection. This service is not available with all car rental suppliers, and there is need to pay an additional charge for delivery and collection as well.


When you are going to make a booking, you should always check the opening hours of your selected  car rental company, if it is not working in your required timing you should consider another company with longer working hours as you may well need an additional half an hour to pick up your luggage and arrive at the car hire company counter. Mostly the suppliers are well aware of this fact, therefore your flight number and the airline must be noted down while booking. If you know that you will arrive later than expected for any reason, be it a flight delay, you should stay in touch with your supplier so that they can arrange the car for you. If you are late and have not informed them on time, they will hire your car to another customer without the possibility of a refund.

If you arrive outside the regular operator’s working hours, you will be required to pay  fee directly at the counter. Returning your rental car outside opening hours is possible with a drop-box  which is   offered by some car rental companies . Here you need to park the car  at a place told by the rent a car company and leave the keys in a drop-box but you will be  responsible for the car  until they check the car.  If they find any dents and scratches, you will  pay for the damage. If you are going to use this service, we suggest you to  properly check the vehicle and take some clear  photos of the car’s exterior, all dents and  scratches and , the fuel gauge, mileage, and the car’s interior with the exact date and time if possible.

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