Nissan Sunny | Style, Comfort and Modern Design

Nissan Sunny is centered for first time car buyers with the family in mind. The Nissan badge is known for reliability, performance, luxury , efficiency and value for money and the Nissan Sunny represents the Japanese brands commitment for customer satisfaction. Nissan is know for giving its vehicles features a tier above its class and the Nissan Sunny is no exception.


The Nissan Sunny is the brands new subcompact entry for new customers and car fleets and the subcompact vehicle is poised to build brand loyalty and is gaining its market share for younger buyers.


Exterior Design


The Nissan Sunny is Nissan’s attempt to increase the appeal of the sub compact by increasing size and cramming as much features in the car. The Nissan Sunny has an extended wheelbase and is larger than its other classmates giving it the size advantage while keeping its price range in between acceptable sub compact range.

Many of the Nissan Sunny’s design cues trickle from its larger siblings the Nissan Sentra and Nissan Altima and echoing their characteristics in a smaller package. The Nissan Sunny features a wide distinctive grille that is flanked with wide chrome strips to project a bold and refined aura.

The Nissan Sunny’s shoulder-line smoothly sculps the side profile of the car making it appear longer and hides its small profile and merges in the arched rear fenders and terminates to the integrated tail lights. Subtle Chrome Accents on the bumper, grille and door handle help form the Sunny’s character and the flowing aerodynamic roofline improves the overall look and design as well as score points for added efficiency and performance.

Nissan redefines luxury in the sub compact with the Nissan Sunny. The Nissan signature boomerang-inspired headlamps project a modern , aggressive and refined look.  The Nissan Sunny has 3 variants , the Sunny S, Sunny SV and Sunny SV Comfort. The Sunny SV has 14in Steel rim and the SV comfort has 15 in alloy wheels. The Nissan Sunny has 490 Litres of Trunk Space.


Interior Design

Interior design

The Interior design of the Nissan Sunny reflects the car’s target audience. The design theme of the Nissan Sunny is a balance between modern designs and classy colors like grey, beigem piano black and silver finishes.

The extended wheelbase of the Nissan Sunny has made wonders for its interior with noticeably larger legroom than any other subcompacts. The Nissan sunny has a towering 1,505mm height and 2,600 wheelbase length. The Nissan Sunny has a very spacious interior for its class with a distance of 39.8 inches (1011 mm) from seat to sealing.

The minimalist design of the dashboard and instrument cluster is simple and pleasing to the eyes. The controls of for the entertainment system and climate controls are conveniently placed. The interior trim line is a balance between refined luxurious and utilitarian minimalist.

All three Nissan Sunny variants have remote keyless entry with central door lock. The Nissan Sunny S has a 2 din AM/FM entertainment system, The Nissan SV is equipped with a bluetooth capable entertainment system and the SV comfort improves on the SV model with additional speakers.


Engine and Transmission


The three variants of the Nissan Sunny is equipped with a DOHC 16 valve gasoline engine.  The 1.5 Litre DOHC 4 cylinder gasoline engine provides good economy on the city roads and highways. The engine provides a max power of 99 hp at 6000 rpm and a torque of 13.7 kg-m at 4000 rpm. The engine is equipped with an ECCS electric fuel injection control. The engine is paired to a 5 speed manual transmission or a 4 speed automatic transmission.

The Nissan Sunny has the Nissan Pure Drive technology that lowers CO2 emissions and improves engine economy.


Suspension, Steering and Brakes

The Nissan Sunny is equipped with a rack and pinion steering system. The Sunny has a 5.3m turning radius for convenient navigation in tight city roads. The front suspension of the Nissan Sunny is an independent strut suspension and the rear has a torsion beam suspension. The extended wheelbase of the Nissan Sunny gives the car a softer ride than other vehicles of its class.

The vehicle has a disk brake for its front wheels and drum brakes for its rear wheels across all variants.



The Nissan Sunny is an excellent vehicle to represent the Nissan badge for first-time car buyers and small families. It’s design, performance and features is a testament to Nissan’s commitment if giving customers value for there money in terms of safety, performance, and features.

The Nissan Sunny is just at home in open highways and in tight city streets. With its tight turning radius, drivers can easily navigate in city streets and its powerful yet efficient engine allows it to cruise easily in wide open highways.


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