The Eight main RTA fines in Dubai one should be aware of.


Traffic rules and obligations all around the world are set for the public so that driving safety is ensured. Each and every road user has to apply these rules so that they maintain a safe and sound driving process. As far as the United Arab Emirates is concerned, the government is extremely particular and strict about its public’s safety, which makes it extremely important for the people to obey the traffic rules obediently.

Every year, thousands of expats come for a living in Dubai, which in turn increases the number of cars on the roads; that is almost double the whole of Dubai’s population. The residents here get their driving license and get themselves ready to hit the roads for the first time. Therefore, having a firm knowledge about the traffic rules is extremely essential for every driver in Dubai. Disobedience in any rule leads to a heavy traffic fine and black points that can make a driver lose his rights to drive or even end up in jail.

In our blog today, we are going to discuss seven traffic fines set by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) that every Dubai resident should be aware of and stays careful.



Over-speeding while you drive not only risks a lot of money, specifically in Dubai but also is very dangerous for your own life. There are thousands of accidents that have been reported due to over speeding in Dubai. Particularly on the highways, the most accidents occur since the speed limit is already high with no signals on the way. The general speed limit on small roads is maximum 40 km/h, while on the main roads it is 60 km/h. the speed limit on the highway had been changed last year from 140 km/h to 130 km/h maximum. Breaking these set speed can cost you a fine of 400 AED to 1500 AED and 12 black points, with a vehicle confiscation of up to 30 days or more.

Driving under influence;

If you drive under the influence of anything interrupting your brain activity for example alcohol or drugs, this can be considered as an offense to the traffic rules. A high fine is charged if any driver gets caught with this act. The fine for this offense is decided by the court with an addition of 24 black points straight away and a vehicle confiscation for up to 60 days.

Document Validation;

While driving it is very important for the driver to carry his valid UAE driving license and other necessary documents with him. If your driving license is expired and you get caught, you would be charged a fine of 200 AED right away along with 3 black points. Expired car insurance or registration papers may cost you 500 AED, with your vehicle getting confiscated for 7 days.



Overtaking or blocking a vehicle is considered as an offense to the traffic rules and obligations. This is because the cars blocking each other’s way or overtaking each other are more likely to get themselves in an accident. A fine of AED 20 is charged on the car that overtakes or blocks other vehicles. The cars also need to stop for the pedestrians. If they fail to do so a fine of AED 400 is charged for blocking the way for pedestrians.


In Dubai, it is allowed for the cars to tint the glasses because of the immense sunlight and weather in summers. But it is only allowed to a certain limit. Crossing that limit can lead to a traffic offense and strict measures are taken for that. The permitted limit for the cars to get its glasses tinted is maximum 30%. Exceeding this percentage can cost you around 1500 AED as a fine.  The windows of your car should be at least 70% transparent.


The UAE government is very particular about parking. I proper parking is ensured everywhere so that the traffic faces no hassles in the city. There are separate parking slots everywhere for physically impaired drivers. Parking your car in the restricted area leads you to pay a fine of AED 1000 and 6 black points on your driving license. Improper parking can also cost you 500 AED while parking your vehicle on pavements is also prohibited with a fine of AED 400.


Escaping accidents/death;

When an accident occurs, then the car responsible for causing the mishap should stop right away and wait for the police to arrive. If you try to escape after causing a serious accident with injuries your vehicle will be charged a huge fine, that is to be decided by the court with 24 black points and your vehicle would be confiscated for 60 days. Causing the death of others may lead to 12 black points and vehicle confiscation for 30 days, while the fine gets decided by the court.

Entering prohibited areas;

You have to make sure that you stay away from entering the areas that are restricted or prohibited for the public as they are the routes solely for the government or other confidential bodies. If you get caught in any such act, you would be charged a fine of AED 1000, with 4 black points on your license.

Bikes and Cycles;

There is a whole separate set of traffic rules for drivers who ride bikes or cycles. Not wearing a helmet is the most common offense that is usually caught, costing a fine of AED 500, with 5 black points on the driver’s license.

If you follow the traffic rules, it would help you prevent any kind of mishaps that can occur if the rules are not obeyed. All the traffic fines and rules that are set by the Dubai Police is for its public safety as Dubai wants its resident to enjoy a peaceful and comfortable driving experience, trying their best to avoid any kind of mishap occurring because of traffic. For more information about the fines and traffic rules, you can also visit the RTA website.

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