Top Five Causes for Accidents in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is famous for its man-made beauty with almost half a million population enjoying the perks of this stunning country. Most of the people work in Dubai city among the seven states of UAE, which is the reason why Dubai has to face an immense and heavy traffic daily in the morning as well as in the evening. The weekends in Dubai make the roads equally crowded like the weekdays. Famous for its high-rise buildings, attractions, malls, and eateries, Dubai is also very famous for road accidents, due to high speeding and heavy traffic blocks.

Following are the main five causes of accidents occurring in Dubai.

Sudden Lane Change;

One of the most common causes for accidents occurring in UAE is the abrupt lane change by the vehicles. Accidents, however, can be prevented by giving more space to each vehicle so that they can slow down on the busy roads.

Careless Driving;

Usually people specifically youngsters or new drivers do an unsafe driving, like speeding, not checking blind spots etc. This should be avoided in turn to avoid any mishap.


Staying alert while driving is the key to avoid distractions such as swerving and sudden change of lane. If you notice anyone doing this, give them enough space while passing.

Physical Impairment;

Physical incidents like falling asleep while driving or some medical emergency are rare but can be a cause of accidents since the routes in Dubai are longer and seamless.

Weather Conditions;

Dubai has a hot weather most of the year but when it rains, it rains cats and dogs.  Turn on your car’s headlights while driving in rain, avoiding sudden moves on the wet roads.

Have a look at the infographic, demonstrating the statistics for the most common causes of accidents in Dubai.  Drive Safe!



Syed Zain

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