Five ways to avoid traffic jams in UAE on its National Day



As the second of December is approaching, a long weekend in Dubai is all set to make its way as it is the United Arab Emirates’ forty-seventh National Day. Because of this UAE announces a lot of good news for its citizens that include free parking and celebrations all over UAE. Since it is a long weekend ahead, everyone plans to celebrate it in their own way, thus going out most probably to Dubai, and reaching on time is what everyone wants.

In our today’s blog, we are going to provide you five ways from which you can avoid most of the traffic jams in Dubai and make it to your destination on time and enjoy to the fullest. Have a look below at the guide that will help you effectively to get rid of the bottleneck traffic in this long weekend.

Timing is everything;



If you want that you reach your destination, whether it is a mall, an eatery, a cinema or a park; then manage your timings effectively. The best times to leave from home is in the morning specifically if you are residing in Sharjah or Ajman. Because almost everyone living in these two states wills to spend their time in Dubai, on the weekends. Thus, in order to avoid a heavy commencing from Sharjah to Dubai, you should leave as early as possible.

If you planned to spend your time at a mall, then the best time for shopping is in the morning. This is because a lot of people wish the same and eventually the malls get filled up real quick.

If you are planning to go out for a movie with your friends and family, then book your tickets two days prior to the holiday. This would save you from a lot of hassle on the main day of the show because the tickets get sold out real quick on weekends.

Eating out can be really challenging in terms of avoiding traffic if you are willing for a lunch or a hi-tea. Try planning out for breakfasts in order to get rid of heavy traffic in the city.

Al-Khail Road is a blessing;


When we say that Al-Khail road is a blessing, it truly is and we mean it. When a lot of people make use of the Great Sheikh Zayed Road to travel, you can use the alternate and make it to your desired location on the perfect time. The cars on the Sheikh Zayed Road, are so heavily packed that they cause bottleneck jams due to the large number and on-going construction. That is exactly why you need to try the Al-Khail Road.  Also known as the Emirates Road in the past, The E44 Al-Khail Road is broad, better and quicker route to Dubai attractions! The best thing about it is that it does not include any Salik Toll. Though it is a longer route than Sheikh Zayed, with a normal view around, it has a much lesser traffic. You will face a lesser congestion, saving both time and money.

Make the best out of Google Maps;


Google Maps have truly made driving so effective and convenient today. When you leave from home, make sure that you check your google maps. It will provide you with every possible alternate route for you to reach your destination with the least possible traffic. It shows you where there is a congestion displaying it by a red line and how much time will it take to clear out. Also, if you want to know about the construction works going on in the city, you can check the daily newspaper to know the alternative routes. A lot of festivities would be going on in different parts of Dubai due to the National Day, causing a huge congestion in the traffic around. Make sure that you avoid those routes if you have other plans for the holiday. If you plan to pay a visit to the National Day celebrations, then leave from home a bit early as it is to wait for the show to start rather than just missing it. Therefore, Google maps offer the best and the quickest routes to beat traffic congestions. Check the RTA website for more traffic updates.

Stay Away from forever congested areas;


Areas like Karama, Deira, Mamzar, Jumeirah Lake Towers and International City are super congested since forever. This is because a huge number of the population lives in these areas and work too. However, there are also no tourist or entertainment spots in these blocks so it is better to not to go there on the National day especially. These areas are super crowded and jam-packed at times of such holidays. You can avoid traffic going towards these areas in order to save time and reach your location. However, if you think you want to eat at any of the eateries located in these spots, then it is not a very good idea on the weekends and holidays especially. Save it for the next time.

Go Salik – Free;


Want to drive all the way to Dubai attractions without spending a penny? Go Salik free this National day by taking the alternate routes other than The Sheikh Zayed Road route. The best routes from Sharjah and Ajman to Dubai is Muhammad Bin Zayed road and later the Al-Khail Road. Though The Muhammad Bin Zayed road is slightly longer it can save you from a lot of traffic hassle within the city. You can directly reach your location just by one road saving yourself from a lot of turns and traffic signals. You can also take the Al-Khail road later, that is also Salik-free as we discussed above. This way you can save money from driving through these highways and also avoid huge traffic congestions going on in the city on the National Day.

Why not Rent-a-car?



A lot of people among the citizens avoid driving on weekends and holidays. Driving is just not for them. If this is the case with you then the best thing you can do is hire a car! Arrive in style at your destination in your desired car. You can save yourself from the driving into heavy traffic and also from a lot of frustration that comes along. Your driver will pick you from your doorstep and drop you on your destination with ease. What you have to do is select a professional car rental company for this purpose, get ready on the given time and you are all set to enjoy your journey. If you want the most reasonable car rental service in Dubai then contact eZhire Car rentals and avail the best offers with or without drivers.  Check out our website for the amazing cars and offers for this National Day!


We have tried our super best to give you the most influential guide of avoiding traffic blocks in Dubai or while going towards Dubai on the National day and also a long weekend this week Do check out our website for the easiest and the quickest car rental process and drive in style wherever you want to, exploring the best of Dubai!




eZhire Wishes you Happy National Day




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