Can I Return A Rental Car Early?


It is a common question from customers that is it possible to return a rental car early, the simple answer is yes, indeed it is possible, despite, there are some basic things you need to know before making your decision. Plans can be changed and sometimes the unexpected happens so whilst it’s rarely planned to return your rental car early, sometimes it just can’t be helped.

Sometimes holidays or business trips may need to be shortened, maybe there is a need to travel home in case of an emergency. Whatever the case, you will need to return your rental car early. eZhire makes it relatively easy to return your rental car early, just be sure you return it to the same location you rented it and also inform to the eZhire Car Rental agent that you are going to make some changes (as you can make changes by yourself online from an eZhire Android App / eZhire IOS App)

It is very rare that you wouldn’t be able to return your rental car early, the only reason you can think of that the rental agent might not be open when you want to return the car, for example on a Friday in smaller / town center location, or late at night. Most rental companies like eZhire that operate from the airport (which incidentally account for approximately 90% of all rentals) are either open 24 hours or have a key drop facility meaning you can return the car early if you wish.

So simply you just need to inform the car Rental Agent your plan has changed and that you will be returning the car early. They will then give you an updated price. Keep in mind this price may be slightly higher per day than you were quoted originally, as you often get discounts for keeping the vehicle longer.

Is it easy to get a refund if I return my rental car early?

Most rental deals are non-flexible, which keeps rates lower, but means that changing your trip dates can cost more.  While on the other hand, you should not be charged admin fees for changing your dates, and should not be charged extra for returning the car early.

Once you decided that you can return your rental car early, the next question is definitely regarding a refund for the unused rental days.  It depends on the policy of car Rental companies but the answer is here most often no. When booking the car with eZhire, our rates are often significantly cheaper than the rental agent direct prices. We are able to maintain such low prices as we base our rentals on fixed terms.

It is our suggestion that if you want to return your rental car early than notify your Rental car company to see if your policy covers for holiday cancellation / early termination as loss of rental car should be considered as an expense under your overall claim which might also include flight change costs and accommodation.

Why do people return their rental cars early?

It mostly happens that plan change unexpectedly and maybe you find that you need to start your trip later or drop off your hire car early.

Over the years we heard some popular reasons and some not so popular reasons why customers want to return their rental car early, the fact that you are reading this suggests that one of these might apply to you as well. The most common reason is that a holiday has been cut short, often due to illness, however some other popular reasons why people need to return a rental car early include;

  • Family reason
  • Flight changes
  • Business trip cut short
  • Car no longer suitable

This doesn’t matter whatever your reason to return a rental car early, we recommend you to contact directly with your Rental agent to confirm your plans.

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