Don’t forget your baggage in Hired Rental Car


It often occurs that travelers leave their baggage behind in their hired rental car at the end of their trip. Mostly they only realize this at the worst possible moment, when checking in, or when they get home or at an airport, which indeed happens to be on the other side of the ocean… After that, it’s often a monumental task trying to retrieve the sometimes valuable items. So make sure to check before handing your hired Rental car that you’ve collected your all baggage and left nothing behind!

Too many cubby holes, tiredness, and distractions

It is very common that all kinds of things are left behind in hired Rental cars, since every modern car is equipped with various kinds of handy little storage compartments, like, under the seats, in the dashboard, in the doors and the center console, above the sun visor, in the boot, and so on. Extremely handy for all those things that are indispensable on a trip: Mobile, sunglasses, telephones, wallets, iPads, passports, airline tickets, credit cards, parking money, cameras, camcorders, navigation equipment, iPods, etc.

On top of that, at the end of your journey you are definitely tired because you had to get up early, or you are going to catch your flight quickly or spent your business trip running from one appointment to the other, in short: more than enough distraction for you to make sure you overlook your valuable stuff.

The most commonly forgotten items in Rental cars

Here is a list of items that are most often left behind in Rental cars, and the places in the car where they are found:

  • Laptop, iPads (in the pocket behind the front seats) or under the passenger seats
  • Umbrellas (in the boot and on the parcel shelf)
  • Cameras and camcorders (under the front seats)
  • Sunglasses (in the door pockets and the center console)

How to make sure to forget nothing

 You can easily avoid leaving your things behind in the hired Rental car, it is very simple just take time to carefully check the car to confirm the availability of all objects in the car. So that when you are handing the hired Rental car, you can save your things by checking in the last moments before returning the car.

How could you forget that?

Can you guarantee that you won’t forget anything? You might think so. Nevertheless, travelers all over the world manage to forget the most unlikely things.

Items which You Should Not Leave Behind

 People often leave behind important things in the rented cars. Recently, an international car hire firm had prepared a list of all things they had found in the cars which had been rented for over three months. The list of items left behind included prosthetic arms and legs, a set of false teeth, a glass eye, wedding rings, lingerie, surgical gloves, handcuffs, fresh fish, cash, shoes and a baby car seat with a baby!!

If you have left something behind in the rented car, you should contact with the car rental service in order to retrieve your valuables. If you are unable to retrieve your valuables, might be your insurance can cover for it. You should always make it a point to contact the car rental service as soon as you remember that you have left your baggage behind. Most car rental companies help their clients out with the issue, so we recommend you to check your things before returning the car it will be a great habit to save your things always.



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