Abu Dhabi Heritage Village


The Heritage Village was built in 1997, at the Al Shindagha historic neighborhood. The reason and purpose behind establishing this were to display the traditional lifestyle in the emirate of Dubai, besides, it is a great way to introduce the traditional customs, traditions, professions and local craftsmanship. The Heritage Village is considered an attractive place for the tourists, who want to know about the local traditional life.


Heritage Village Abu Dhabi is a great model and an example of an Emirati village which presents the lifestyle and heritage of Bedouin. This is an amazing cultural attraction and a wonderful place which can be one of the most family-friendly destinations. This place is open for all visitors without any entry fee.

The Abu Dhabi Heritage village is reconstructed village and it definitely gives an insight into the pre-oil era in the United Arab Emirates, a life that is evident in many parts of the Arabian Peninsula even day.


The place has innumerable attractions like the Bedouin tents set up, which also serves tourists hot Arabic tea.  An Arabian horse, camels, and goats are put on a display, this sight attracts the kids.

The heritage village also hosts several art exhibits of the local arts like weaving or glass blowing. You can even see a live demonstration of falconry, it is the pride of Abu Dhabi where a falcon is used to catch live prey. You can even head for a workshop where you can see a demonstration of the many skills. If you want to have some delicious meal then you should visit the on-site Arabic restaurant to grab a dish of delicious Arabic salad or a chilled drink.


You can also enjoy shopping in a cultural and traditional market which sells different variety of products like silver jewelry, handmade soap and traditional collection of clothing as well as some stalls offer the traditional henna( mehndi )with a perfect Arabic blend.

There is a great opportunity to get to know about the different lifestyles of the local life, desert to country and mountain life. It displays several types of buildings made of palm fronds, stones and also tents. As well as the visitor will able to see, how the different professions are practiced, live. They will see the shovel and well pole, known as the most traditional tools which are used in irrigation and farming. During the tourist season from October to March, there is a facility of traditional medicine clinic. Patients are treated by traditional medicine doctors who have inherited a legacy of great experience and expertise in the methods of traditional medicine, like branding, bone-setting and different treatments with herbs. Also, the village displays traditional markets that features traditional professions like whistle making, blacksmithing, cotton reading and jewelry. There are some shops which are selling pottery and traditional items, made from palm,  dried milk, traditional sweets.  Here the visitors can also enjoy performances of folklore singing and dancing.


A visit to the Heritage Village, especially during the tourist season with its unique activities, gives a unique opportunity to live and know very closely, many facades and details of the traditional life of UAE.

Opening Times: Saturday to Thursday from 9am to 5pm, and Friday from 3.30pm to 9pm

Location: near Marina Mall, Breakwater, Abu Dhabi city


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