Al Noor Mosque Sharjah


Sharjah has over 600 Mosques, but the Al Noor Mosque (located beside Khalid Lagoon on Buhaira Corniche), is often regarded as the most famous Mosque, the design is influenced by the Sultan Ahmed Mosque (also known as blue mosque) in Istanbul Turkey, The Al Noor Mosque was planned and built   by the order of the wife of the ruler of Sharjah, her Highness Sheikha Jawaher bint Mohammed al Qassimi. The construction of the Mosque started in 2003 and was completed 2 years later in 2005.

It can house near about 2200 people for prayers which includes space of about 400 for ladies section and 1800 in the men’s section, the main entrance is flamed on both sides by two graceful minarets which soar into the sky at a height of 52 meters. The exterior of the mosque is elegant, featuring waterfall domes surrounded by several half domes and finally at each corner by four small cupola domes, the interior of the central dome reaches a height of about 31.5 meters.


The exterior of the mosque is complemented with ornamental repetitive floral cornices around the edge of the roof and the arched doorways and windows. The interior of the domes are decorated with the combination of floral geometric and other interlaced patterns, these arabesque patterns are made up of the number of repeated geometric elements. AL-Noor Mosque is the first mosque in Sharjah to open its doors to the expatriate community and visitors to Sharjah, so that they may learn about the UAE National culture and religion.

It is one of the Emirates mosques which is open for the non-Muslims on a guided one-hour tour operated by the nonprofit Sharjah center for cultural communication, the visit concludes with the question and answers session.

In 2014 the Mosque set a Gunnies world record for the largest wooden charity box for their Ramadan donation campaign.

Mosque visit schedule for Tourists

Every Monday from 10am (except public holidays)

Duration of the visit approximately one hour which also includes a question and answer session.

Rules and regulations:

  • Registration: is required for the visit (Registration area located at the entrance to the mosque)
  • Dress code: visitors should wear full dresses according to the rule of the mosque, no shorts or skirts above the knee are allowed.
  • Tour guides and tour companies cannot enter the Mosque without permission of the Sharjah Centre for Cultural Communication.


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