Cleaning Your Rental Car

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions and their answers about rental car wash:

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Do I Need to wash my Rental car?

This is one of the commonly asked questions.If you need to wash your rental car before returning it and want to know about the specific rules, there is no set rule here, it will be right to say that for normal use you won’t be expected to wash your rental car (or have it washed) before you return it. Whilst the car will be valeted before you take delivery, there is no need to return it as clean as it was at pick up.

Definitely you are expected to return the car in a reasonable condition considering the location / duration and weather conditions at the time of rental. The car will be valeted in preparation of the next customer, however if the rental agent deem the car to be excessively dirty / soiled you are likely to be charged.

For example, near the coast, it’s likely that you’ll get some sand  or dust in the car, a little of it won’t be harm, but if you bring half the beach back with you in the car than it might be a chance toget  chargeSome salted roads will leave the bodywork in quite a mess, but it’s expected and is a common thing, so you’re unlikely to get charged in this case .

Tips on How to Avoid Car Hire Valeting Fee

  • You should empty the car the day before returning so you can clean any obvious marks / soil / sand etc.
  • It will be best to sweep out any sand from foot wells or vacuum if its possible
  • Wipe the bird poo marks from the body of the car and dirt of windows as well
  • Remove as much sand from beach before getting in car as possible
  • It will be better to take care not to spill food / drinks in the car
  • Better to have the car washed before returning

Is it allowed to put a rental car through a car wash:

Yes it is allowed, however any damage or scratch caused will be your responsibility. If you want to get the car washed before you return it, it is not recommended to you, a road side hand car wash, a quick vacuum is enough and cheap as well.

What if Anyone Return the Rental car dirty?

If the car is considered extremely dirty, from inside or outside you’ll likely find yourself on the receiving end of a car rental cleaning / valeting fee, we recommend you take photos of the car inside and out for future reference if you are charged a valeting fee and wish to dispute it. It’s also useful to take pictures incase you cause any damage to a rental car as a record of what was damaged.

How much is the car rental valeting / cleaning fee?

It varies from rental companies and location, however it depends on the severity of the cleaning required and how long it takes and likely include damage as well as cleaning charges.

Some rental car companies have rule of  an ‘advanced’ valeting fee while some car rental  companies offers reasonable fee after returning the car. If  you think you’re unlikely to return the car excessively dirty, it is recommend to you to reject the offer, you can always have it cleaned by yourself if you do get it excessively dirty, or challenge any subsequent fee.

 If the car is returned with an extremely dirty interior (e.g. Sand or mud particles found in the car, or pets hair on the seats, tea, coffee or any other edible items staining  the car seats, seat burns, etc.), 
the minimum charges will be about   AED 250 as valet charges. If the car is returned with an extremely dirty exterior, there will be a charge of AED 50 as valet charges.
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