Kia Picanto Review | Small Package, Premium Features


The Kia Picanto has won the hearts of many as the people’s first car of choice. The Kia Picanto with its humble stature and outgoing design is attractive and sleek. The straightforward design of the 5-seater hatchback makes it a great practical and economical choice for first-time car buyers.

Kia has recently gained a large foothold in the subcompact hatch segment with the Kia Picanto. The rising popularity of Kia’s contender is because of its ultra-modern sleek styling and design. Kia has taken much of the Picanto’s design cues from its European counterparts and applied it to the Picanto.

The Picanto is in-line with Kia’s aggressive and sporty tiger snout styling with its wide grille and sleek integrated headlights. Kia has equipped the modest but powerful Picanto with plenty of features that are found only in bigger cars.

The Exterior Styling


The Kia Picanto comes in a variety of colors from clear white, titanium silver, signal red, cherry pink, bright silver, dazzling blue, midnight black, milky beige, honey bee yellow and Alice blue. The wide selection of colors gives customers a degree of personalization.

Kia has applied sport-oriented styling to the Picanto and the result is a sharper and appealing car. Red accents are placed on the bumpers and side skirts to sharpen the appeal of the Picanto and the design trims highly compliment the Picanto’s sharp and sloping lines.

The Picanto’s aggressive exterior is derived from Kia’s efforts to boost the engine’s economy by designing the car aerodynamically. The sloping roofline and wide windows give the Picanto a vibe of excitement and pop.

The overall design of the Kia Picanto is visually appealing and the plenty of colors available makes it one of the choices for first-time car buyers.

The Interior


Despite the car’s small stature, the interior has grown from basic utilitarian comforts to posh luxury. Kia’s Euro-inspired design has elevated the Picanto’s interior up a notch. The interior styling of the Picanto mimics that of its bigger siblings the Rio.

The Interior of the Picanto has greatly evolved from the previous models from the steering wheel, dashboard, and instrument panels have been completely redesigned. The sporty design styling of the exterior is perfectly echoed inside.

The Picanto’s steering wheel is now better looking and easier to hold and customers can confidently hold the steering wheel while maneuvering the vehicle. The Picanto’s instrument panel has been greatly improved with modern features included in the design. The Speedometer and Tachometer are present and clearly legible in any lighting conditions.

The Dashboard has been designed along with the car’s entertainment system and climate control. The new layout is visually pleasing, luxurious and convenient. The Air vents add a touch of sophistication with its unique rectangle design. The Picanto’s seats are wide and comfortable. The headroom and legroom are beyond what people would normally expect from a subcompact hatchback. The rear storage has also been increased from the previous models. The Picanto has a fully foldable second row for times when you need to haul more than just the groceries.



As the Kia Picanto’s exterior styling would suggest that it fast and sporty, and the car delivers. The Kia Picanto is equipped with a 1.2 Liter naturally aspirated engine that can generate 82 hp and 121 NM of torque at 4000 rpm. The engine is coupled to a 5-speed manual transmission or a 4 speed automatic. The light aerodynamic body of the Kia Picanto together with its 1.2 Liter 82 horsepower engine delivers great economy in the city and highway.

Driver’s can feel the Picanto’s sporty design cues materialize through its performance. The 82 horsepower delivered by the engine is more than enough to propel the car through the highway and gets people to point a and point b in the most comfortable and economical way.

Suspension and Handling


The Picanto’s off-road handling might not amaze 4×4 enthusiast but for normal city driving the Picanto handles like a pro. The car’s small size makes it easier to maneuver tight city streets and the redesigned steering wheel keeps the car on point. The Picanto is nimble in the highways with its precise steering and cushioned suspension.

The tight suspension dampens body roll during tight cornering and the suspension is good enough to cushion most bumps encountered in the highways. The Picanto is perfect for a dense urban city with its class-leading tight turning radius.

Final Thoughts


The Kia Picanto is a great car for new drivers. Its small size and straightforward design make it easy to maneuver in crowded city streets. The Picanto’s tight turning radius also makes the car easier to park.

The fresh and bold sporty styling is welcoming for new drivers or for customers who want to get from point a to point b in the most comfortable and economical way. The small yet powerful engine delivers economical engine performance.

All in all, the new design cue incorporated by Kia to the Picanto is a welcome one. The redesigned interior and exterior has upgraded the car’s overall appeal and the car has the performance to assert its leadership in the subcompact hatchback market.

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