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The Dragon Mart in Dubai is the shopping platform for people who are looking for the best deals. Indeed it is a place to shop for anything.  Here people can buy every product on retail and wholesale rates. Dragon Mart is providing its customers with the ultimate shopping experience. The Dragon Mart is also called the China Town because it is the largest trading hub of Chinese product and it is one of the unique platforms for the traders of China’s goods in UAE.

Dragon Mart 2 is a different and unique new place which offers great shopping, entertainment, and dining experience. With about one million square feet of retail space, Dragon Mart 2 features near about 1,000  restaurants shops and entertainment outlets about  100,000 square feet Giant  Hypermarket,  12 screen Novo Cinema complex, a large area for car parking where is the space of  4,500 cars.


One of the great attractions of the mall is Dragon Drive, Dragon Drive is a tree-lined boulevard featuring a spectacular view of water features and a number of al fresco restaurants, cafes and new attractions show that  Dragon Mart 2 is an amazing place to shop, dine or enjoy whatever you want with family and friends.

The Dragon Mall is one of the largest hubs of the oriental industry, culture, and business commerce in developed cities around the world. It has cultural and traditional shops and there is a  variety of street vendors.

The Dragon Mart gives an entrance for the supply of products from China, in the Middle East and as well as in  North African Markets, The Chinese traders and manufacturers are offering a platform to cater the needs of this sizeable market.  It is introduced on 7th  December 2004. Dragon Mart is the largest trading center of China ’s products outside of mainland China.


The mall is 1.2 km long, 150,000 sq m dragon-shaped retail complex which is divided into seven different zones with more than 3500 outlets which offers a wide variety of products such as building material, variety of machinery, office equipment and home decoration things including furniture and curtains, electronics things and office equipments as well as the stationary communication and acoustic equipment, lighting lamps, household items, building materials, furniture, toys, machinery, garments, textiles, footwear and general merchandise.


A wide range of  fashion  variety is also available here

The Mall is offering a great service to customers if they don’t like to walk they can rent a 6 seater golf car which will take customers from one end of the mall to the other on affordable rates. It is also an easy way to shop for people who intend to make large purchases.


As described above that the shopping center is divided into seven Zones With over 2,500 parking spaces, Which offers the high-quality facilities for visitors and traders alike to make it the largest Chinese commercial center in the MENA (the Middle East and North Africa) region.

Dragon Mart is located on Al Awir Road towards Hatta, just off Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, Interchange 5. The complex is situated next to International City, it’s just 20 minutes from Dubai International Airport and 40 minutes from Jebel Ali Port.

The locals and foreign customers often visit Dragon Mart on every Friday and Saturday, mostly the patrons of neighbor countries like from Saudi Arab, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar love to visit here.

Some Suggestions for New Visitors:


1: Be Ready for a long walk with comfortable shoes, as we mentioned earlier that Dragon Mart is about 1.2 km long so keep in your mind to wear the soft and comfortable footwear.

2: If you need any information or help you can get it from information desk as well as it is better to take a photo of your selective item that you can show it to the store attendant if you feel the language barrier as there are mostly Chinese.

3: It is mandatory to be aware of the fact that there is a barging system so don’t be shy to haggle so that you can buy anything at satisfactory rates.

4: Don’t forget to go as early as possible as the mart opens at 3 pm so it is advised to arrive there early as you can visit and shop comfortably. (Especially on weekends it is a very crowded place)

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