Emojis As New Traffic Signs!


Do you know that the RTA Dubai ( Roads and Transport Authority ) has placed new traffic signs on multiple roads in school zones, to avoid over speeding. These traffic signs are different and unique to display because these are emojis signs J yes you read it right!! These emoji signs are displayed to deliver the safety message to drivers after monitoring the speed limit of their vehicles.

These emojis signs are electronic signs which display for drivers speed and these signs are displaying near five areas of schools in Dubai in a trial project of RTA( Roads & Transport Authority)

The purpose of this new initiative is to spread awareness among drivers about road safety when they drive in school-zone. No doubt Exceeding the speed limit can be the cause of accidents and injuries among students.

These emojis signs are equipped devices with digital screens, which has the ability to capture and show the driving speed when the vehicle crosses through a school’s zone, as well as emojis that express the driver’s behavior while driving.

A smiling face emoji means the driver has complied with the required speed limit while the frowning face indicates the driver has exceeded the speed limit. The smart signs display the alerts or warnings, tribute remarks and indicating the allowed speed limit to the drivers.

The idea of these smart emoji signs is based on the fact and findings and recommendations of scientific studies that definitely prove the success of these emoji signs includes the designed impact on drivers as it is able to address to each driver personally about their speed limit and driving behavior.  In the school zone, the smart signs project helps the RTA strategic drive with regard to traffic safety and it is a great initiative to utilize new and modern technologies to protect the streets of Dubai. They can shape drivers’ attitudes and help them to serve the traffic safety objectives in Dubai. Dubai is no longer a typical Middle Eastern city, but a global model for modern and beautiful cities, and indeed the world’s best city in terms of great construction of roads and bridges infrastructure. So Dubai is well-aware about the importance of such smart and unique initiatives particularly when it comes to the safety of road users and reducing traffic accidents projects in line with RTA traffic safety strategy.

The smart signs are definitely a  part of multiple projects and initiatives which targets the student’s school zones and surrounding areas.


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Syed Zain

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