The Most Beautiful Roads in UAE


The places surrounding UAE have natural attractions for visitors with its beautiful natural scenery and wonderful views, worthy of a road trip where you’ll not see the well designed or shining places like Dubai, but there is definitely beautiful, natural and colorful reasons to go for road trips to the surroundings of UAE where you will find long and charming drives at both sides i.e. inside and outside the country.

UAE is considered a nation of car lovers; no doubt UAE is a beautiful and right choice for those people who are looking for an adventure on wheels. eZhire provides Luxury Car Rental DubaiSUV Car Rental Dubai, you can drive these cars on some of the best driving roads in the UAE, while you drive you can see amazing views of deserts, high mountains and natural beauty of UAE which makes it a dreamland where you can fulfill your all adventurous desires. The wonderful views of UAE’s landscapes are amazing and marvelous attractions for car enthusiasts to drive their hearts out.

Take your pick from these amazing six wonderful routes that will let you experience a classic Arabian road trip in UAE.

 1: Liwa Oasis, Abu Dhabi


The awesome Road trip from Dubai to Liwa is such a memorable and beautiful trip and you will see the oasis of Abu Dhabi and many more beautiful spots, Liwa Oasis is a beautiful place, you can dune bash or at Tal Moreeb Hill, ride through a cluster of magnificent oasis countrysides, the farms of camels and  a stopover at the UAE’s  National Automobile Museum.

Route: There are two routes to go to Liwa Oasis by Sheik Zayed Road via Abu Dhabi.  it is suggested to follow the signs to Madinat Zayed.
Distance from Dubai: It is 350kilometers away from Dubai and  consists of 4 hours

2: Hatta


Hatta is about 150 kilometers away from Dubai,  Hatta defies all typecasts of the contemporary Dubai, as the topography artistically changes from plain terrain to magnificent dunes and rocky mountain slopes. You’ll find here a heritage village dotted with small Bedouin houses, besides a 16th-century fort and several pools set high in the Hajjar Mountains.

If you want to see the  culture of UAE, you should  visit  Hatta,  Hatta is a place which defines  the  local culture of UAE, But if you are only looking for beautiful  driving roads in UAE  Just go to past Hatta Fort Hotel roundabout and turn left, Indeed it is a place where you will found  a short  thrilling road to drive .

Keep in your mind that it is a very short road, this short road is only 10 km long, but there are blind corners, deadly curves, and surprising steep inclines, so you should drive carefully, because the road is also not smooth, and this road can be dangerous.

The road ends at the Huwaylat village, you can take a break here in the Hatta Fort Hotel.

3: Khasab, Musandam


It is a very different side of Arabia, Khasab  Musandam is one of the most beautiful and attractive spots in Oman. The journey will Start from Sheik Zayed Road Dubai by crossing the sandy trails of Ras Al Khaimah, before arriving at the Khasab there are many amazing views and picturesque meandering road; this drive captures the incomparable coastline of Musandam, endowed with stunning fjords and quaint bays, in its entire grandeur.

Route: Via Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain, it is mandatory to look the signs displaying Shams as you reach Ras Al Khaimah. There are also some mandatory requirements to complete the procedures at the border, and after getting your passport stamped, you can continue your journey through the wonderful coastal road that leads to Khasab.
Distance from Dubai: 200 kilometers away from Dubai and travel time is about 3 Hours.

4: Jabal Al Jais


Jabal Al Jais is the tallest mountain of UAE, its peak is known as one of the most exquisite in all of the Middle East. There are  eight hairpins and numerous rocky edges, as you drive up to the Jabal Al Jais, the  height of  this mountain is about 1,900 meters, which attracts  you to experience the region’s beauty and  view the unbelievable  admiring views  which spread over miles ,  it  is the best step  to take this exciting road trip. There is also a great news about the opening of a resort at the top of the mountain, Rak Jebel Al Jais Mountain Resort, where you can enjoy a whole day or can stay if you want to extend your driving tour.

Route: Near about eight hours are required to travel to Jabal Al Jais from Dubai .you can get the right directions from GPS system or can use the Google map to reach to the mountains.
Distance from Dubai: Near about 180 kilometers

5: Dibba


It is 130 km away from Dubai, which provides the best bonding opportunity and a much-needed respite from the hectic city life. Not to mention, the laid-back pace and panoramic views are additional perks of hitting the road. And, when you plan your trip to the popular getaway, Dibba, towards the UAE’s east coast, the rewards are even higher… I mean you don’t drive by soaring mountains on one side and a sea flowing on other, every day. Do make sure you are carrying your passport though, for Oman has a strict policy, no passport, no entry.

Places to see in & around Dibba: Dadna Beach, Blue Planet Diving.

5: Jebel Hafeet


It is 146 .9 km away from Dubai, Jebel Hafeet is UAE’s most famous mountain. It is 170km away from Abu Dhabi in Al Ain. , 4,000 feet high Jebel Hafeet Mountain is the second highest peak in the UAE. it was  Constructed in 1986,   around Jebel Hafeet the beautiful road is over 7.3 miles long with  60 corners which is drive up with steep rocks to reach the summit, at 1,250 meters, because of these twisty roads, it is very famous for the best driving roads in UAE.

Being world’s popular mountain, Jebel Hafeet teems with tourists on weekends, especially motorbikers who love pedaling through the dangerous roads. Driving amidst the entire hustle bustle is definitely not a fun; to enjoy smooth driving,  it is better to avoid going to the mountain on weekends.  There is the facility of platforms up to the road where you can stop your vehicle for the purpose of cool it down and take in the impressive view of nature. There is the Hotel Mercure Grand Jebel Hafeet is located on the top of the mountain an 3,000 feet height, there is only one route to get back down. As the mountain roads are steep, driving down the mountain may be a challenge. Nevertheless, that’s what motorists look for.

6: Ras Al Khaimah


It is 112.8 km far from Dubai, for the adventurous lovers driving and visiting Ras al Khaimah is rewarding, in both conditions I.e. for driving and as a destination for a short break as well. There are many options for different activities like water sports, paragliding, horse riding, golf, and fishing. UAE is famous for the best five-star hotels and beach resorts which provide great weekend options.

Visitors can also see Iceland Water Park and the National Museum in around Ras Al Khaimah.


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