How to Renew your Vehicle Registration in Dubai


It is mandatory to renew your vehicle registration once every year in Dubai. If you have bought a new vehicle, it is the responsibility of the dealer to handle all formalities for the first year, and from the second year, it will be your responsibility to renew your vehicle’s registration.

There is another option is also available to renew your vehicle registration or driving license from any other emirate, irrespective of the origin of documents or the vehicle, some selected Insurance companies are also providing vehicle registration like Oman Insurance Noor Takaful, RSA Insurance Fujairah Insurance. The insurance companies work by using the same procedure and have the online facilities to provide the services that are used by the RTA’s customer service centers and other certified agents like Tamam and  Tasjeel etc.

After expiry date of registration of your vehicle, the period of 30 days is given, that In this time duration people can manage and repair the damage on the vehicles and vehicles can be able to pass the inspection test as well. Because of this reason, the validity of insurance policies is 13 months long.

The fine of Dh10 per month was charged earlier in the car registration was not renewed after the 30 days grace period. After the month of  April, drivers use to caught with expired car registration and they have to pay the charged fine of  Dhs500 and confiscation for seven days (if the registration expired for over three months).

It is mandatory to renew the registration for your vehicle in Dubai.

Requirements and Procedure

Step 1: Check your Documents and Pending fines:

In the first step, you should check any pending fines, before renewing your registration, there is a need to ensure that you have paid all the fines of the vehicle. If there are any unpaid fines, you can pay the outstanding traffic fines via a website of RTA, through the Dubai traffic and you can pay the unpaid fine on the time of registration as well. In case of any pending black points on your vehicle, you should visit the police to resolve the issue before renewing your registration.

To renew your registration, the required documents are your Emirates ID and driving license as well as other three most important documents the old registration card, renewed motor vehicle insurance, and a certificate of car testing that the car has passed the examination during a test.

If you are not the owner of the car and you have hired a  rented car in Dubai so it is mandatory to bring the documents of the real car owner.

Step 2: Vehicle Test

To get  a vehicle test certificate,  there is need to  visit  RTA vehicle visiting centers to assess your vehicle and to get passed certificate to ensure the car is roadworthy, this certificate also ensure about tyres, steering, brakes, and suspension system, so simply this certificate implies  that your car is fit and the condition of car is satisfactory. New vehicles are exempted for first two years from testing, but after 2 years they also require a test certificate to renew registration. It takes 30 to 40 minutes for vehicle test depending on the vehicle’s condition. It is valid till 30 days, if the vehicle fails so there is need to take the test again.

Step 3: Renewal Insurance

If your vehicle Registration is expired, you can contact your insurance company to renew it. There is a need to ensure this before applying for vehicle registration renewal in Dubai.

Where you should go for vehicle registration renewal in Dubai

You can use the three options to renew your vehicle registration: By online applying, by visiting the office in person or with the help of an insurance company.

1- Renew your vehicle’s online registration:

You should follow the following steps to apply online to Renew Registration

  • Sign in to the website of RTA
  • Click on Drivers and Vehicle
  • Select the vehicle
  • Submit the all required documents
  • Pay renewal fee and unpaid fines, if any, via e- payment
  • Confirm the Delivery method

After completing all the above steps, you should print the temporary vehicle registration notice that you can keep it in your vehicle. Your online application will be processed within 5 working days. You can receive your permanent registration card by courier or you can find it from RTA.

2- Visiting the office In-person:

There is also a way for you that you can visit the registration centers to apply for the registration card. You can pay your vehicle registration fee and can get your renewed card. They will provide you a sticker that comes with a new expiry date, you have to put that sticker on the number plate of a vehicle.

If you don’t have free time there is an option to hire a person to do car registration on your behalf. When you will visit the RTA customer service center, you should provide them with your all details then you will receive a pin on your mobile phone after the registration. The function of this pin is to carry out all transactions like selling transferring or exporting the number plate. This pin is only valid for one visit after that it will be expired then you will need to generate a new pin through RTA.

As well as there is also need to make sure to renew your registration time if your vehicle is 2 years old, and if you are planning to hire a rental car service in Dubai, then it is necessary to ensure to ask from the company if the registration is valid or near to expire.


• Car test AED 120
• Registration AED 340



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