Where To Eat Reasonable Food in Dubai


No doubt dining out in Dubai is a great pleasure. There are multiple restaurants in the city, run by international expert chefs. As Dubai is a home for diverse cultures, there is a  variety of different food, Dubai is a place where you can find a pure and delicious meal at discounted rates. People who are fond of delicious street food will be pleased to find the great dining in Dubai.

Where to eat

We all know that there is no such thing as a free meal, But there’s definitely such a thing as a cheap one – even in Dubai. Here are 8 restaurants that’ll fill a gap for under Dhs100 a couple.

1: Maria Bonita Restaurant:


It is located in Jumeirah, Maria Bonita Restaurant opened 12 years ago. They serve the traditional and delicious home-made dishes. You will see the warm welcome when you will enter the restaurant.  Most people use to go there in casual dresses as the place is very comfortable.  Here you will find everything made from traditional freshly guacamole, everything is fresh, tasty and affordable so it is indeed hard to decide what to eat.

2: Aroos Damascus:


It is located in Deira Dubai since 1980, serving Syrian food. Here you will find a perfect meal which starts with a fattoush salad, hummus, and lentil soup after that you can eat the delicious grilled chicken with French fries as well as grilled kebabs.  Here  you can enjoy affordable Arabian meal by setting   indoor and outdoor ,this restaurant is always crowded because of the best meal and excellent services, so here is an issue of car parking, most people feel hurdles because of no empty place for parking, if you want to eat there without any trouble, you should go there as early as possible especially on weekends.

3: Ravi’s:


Majority of people of Dubai prefer to take the meal at Ravi ’s. Ravi’s is One of Dubai’s most famous restaurants, you can eat here the best Pakistani food. No doubt it is a place where you can eat the pure and tasty food, and the atmosphere is also comfortable, quiet and friendly. Here the staff will welcome you warmly and you will want to come here again and again after tasting the delicious taste of the restaurant, especially the butter chicken masala which is the famous dish of Ravi’, this restaurant is reasonable for everyone.

4: Xiao Wei Yang Hotpot:


There are over three locations of Xiao Wei Yang Hotpot in the Dubai, The perfect and best food is always available here. The oldest branch of this restaurant is in old-town Deira which gives you a  great and pure taste of food from years. It has a double story building, there is a variety of hotpot soups. The staff of this restaurant is well mannered and trained and the place will mark a great impression on you.

5: Karachi Darbar Resturant:


Here you will find the fresh Pakistani food such as biryani, mutton, bread and fresh naan, here you will see waiters in uniforms among the crowded tables, Karachi Darbar is famous for Pakistani, Indian and Chinese specialties. The restaurant is well known for its beef and mutton delicacies, and is mostly frequented by expats. It is located in Deira Dubai, the prices are affordable so it’s a good option for the variety of foods.

5: Afghan Restaurant:


If you are looking for reasonable and pure food in  Deira, then  Afghan restaurant in Naif, near the Al Ghurair Mosque is the best choice. Here are two sections, one with traditional majlis to sit on the carpet and other option are with chairs and tables. There is a huge gathering of people in evening.

Mostly locals use to go there because of good traditional food. The staff of this restaurant is friendly and helpful. Because of affordable rates mostly middle to lower class is used to come here.

There is a variety of Kabab and Pulao, specially  Kabab of Lamb, beef is very delicious. The traditional bread is available here it’s also fresh and good as well. The waiters and other staff members are very friendly and helpful as well as it is a clean place so you can eat the cheap and delicious food comfortably here.

6: Salt:


It is a food truck shop which opened one year ago and it is located on kite beach it is a famous truck shop because of its black burger and ice cream, for the people of Dubai it’s best eating place on beach, people use to stay on kite beach at nights and prefer to eat the classic cheeseburgers from Salt truck shop, definitely it is a good option for eating.

7: The Fish Basket:



In a city where many restaurants will happily slap on a cooking charge for a scorched slab of salmon, here you can feast like a king for Dhs50 per person. Diners can either choose their own fish from the market or be guided by the aware staff. Either way, it’s clean, cheap and guaranteed to hit the spot. Feast on fresh bread, salads, and yogurt dips, before getting stuck into a tray of grilled hammour, battered calamari, anchovies, some super-fresh crab and a couple of stately king prawns. It’s not the place for a long lingering lunch or date, but dirham-for-dirham, The Fish Basket is a great bet. It is situated at Bur Dubai.

8: Habiba Al Nabulsi:


Possibly its one of the best place to eat in Dubai.
Here the Kunafah is considered the best sweet dish, which is a very popular dish as it is served at homes, functions, and hotels. This Restaurant was founded in UAE and opened several outlets in Dubai, Sharjah, and Al Ain other that the main branch and head office in Abu Dhabi. This is also an affordable restaurant where people from every class can enjoy the pure dishes, especially sweet dishes.


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