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No doubt Dubai is an exciting and beautiful city to visit. There are many exciting and adventurous things to do, skydiving is one of them, the most thrilling adventure of skydiving a thousand feet above the ground is an amazing experience in the city of Gold. It is the most attractive highlight of Dubai as well as a lifetime experience that will be memorable forever.

Viewing from a thousand feet height is definitely an amazing experience. There will be breathtaking and thrilling views when you will jump from the height as you can see the blue ocean, wonderful islands, and a great view of the desert.

Here we are going to write some useful information about skydiving which will definitely help you.

Skydiving services

There are many options and services for skydiving in Dubai, many skydiving schools with indoor skydiving centers are available, no doubt Dubai is an attractive place in the world with multiple skydiving opportunities for fun lovers. Visitors from across the world like to come to Dubai to get an experience of outdoor and indoor skydiving. Some skydiving centers are mentioned below:

Indoor Skydiving:


Indoor skydiving is safe and secure, it is better for the amateur to start with indoor skydiving. It is not as natural as you can feel in outdoor skydiving. Indoor skydiving is nothing but a freefall ride in a vertical wind tunnel. Inflight Dubai and iFly Dubai are two most famous skydiving centers in Dubai.

Outdoor Skydiving:


You can try outdoor skydiving without any stress in Dubai. According to the professional calls, it is a real skydiving. You will be taken in a helicopter (chopper) to reach on a certain height, on reaching the height, simply you have to let your body fall down, this exciting experience will give you such a  joy that will be unforgettable.

Why outdoor skydiving is more famous than indoor

It is a real thrilling and breathtaking experience to fall on the ground with high speed and enjoy the awesome view, which is missing in indoor skydiving.

This dazzling and thrilling view you can only get in outdoor skydiving. You can see the beauty of nature fascinating you and you will definitely think to try this again and again.

Indeed outdoor skydiving is a passion of fun lovers and people should be brave enough to try this.

The famous Skydive vendors in Dubai offers outdoor skydiving and they have two options for this adventurous thrilling.

Tandem Skydiving:


No doubt it is the easiest and fastest way to experience the thrill safely as for your security and guidance an instructor will be with you by holding you in the whole journey. There are two options of tandem skydiving locations, i.e palm drop zone and  Dubai desert campus.

The tandem skydiving cost at the Desert Campus is AED 1699 and the cost of a tandem skydive at the Palm is AED 2199, including photos and video at both locations.

An experienced instructor will guide you about the complete process, as well as a professional camera flyer will capture your whole memorable and full of joy experience.

Skydiving Training School


This training school will guide you on how to do skydiving. Training is provided at Skydive Dubai desert campus which is the world’s largest skydiving school. There are eight levels of skydiving training with a combination of ground school (theory class)  and 8 skydives.

At Skydive Dubai Desert Campus, you will first complete a First Jump Course, this course will teach you how to make your very first skydive.

In the First Jump Course, the basic topics will be learned like basic safety procedures, right body position in freefall, equipment, canopy deployment and control, aircraft procedures, and landing. This course takes about 6-8 hours.

The skydiving course is mandatory for you to learn that how to skydive and it provides the latest training tools and techniques.

As there are 8 levels to the Tandem skydiving course and each level contains different lessons of a skydive,  it is necessary to complete all level of lessons.  The two instructors will conduct the first 3 levels and the other remaining levels will be completed with one instructor.

Suggestions for skydiving


Skydiving is not an easy task for everyone. There is a need to have physical fitness, passion, strong heart and learning skills. If anyone is not ready for this act, don’t force him/ her to try this activity.

Another thing to know is that outdoor skydiving is more costly than indoor skydiving as well as the climate condition matters in outdoor skydiving.  So it is better to get an experience of indoor skydiving in the first time. Make sure about your all safety equipment and things before this thrilling experience.



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