The Beaches of Dubai


Dubai is a desert city and there’s no shortage of the sand and surf. Definitely, there are a lot of activities to do in Dubai. There is Arabian Gulf with its beautiful waters,  it’s no wonder that visitors spend so much time on the shore. From different sides of beaches, you can see the world-famous structures like the Burj Al Arab towering.

This Desert city has beautiful beaches filled with multiple tourist-friendly choices. It will be a great idea to spend some time at the Arabian Gulf.

Here are some details of beaches of Dubai:

1: JBR Beach


It is located at the end of Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai Marina. There ’s wonderful water play areas for kids and a variety of restaurants and cafes. Here you can hire sunshades and sun loungers and can spend the day by watching or dipping in and out of the warm sea. You can get here on the Dubai Tram or park your vehicle in the Beach parking and you can get your ticket stamped from many shops or restaurants to get the free parking.!

There is a wonderful playground with different useful facilities, including toilets, showers, and changing rooms.  Splash Zone is also available to keep the kids cool and there is a gym outside, as well as there is a variety of drink and food.

2: Al Mamzar Beach Park


Al Mamzar is located in Dubai  (UAE)  in the area of Deira, which is found in the north-east of Dubai.  Al Mamzar Park is the important landmark in the locality.

This Park is known for its wide area and its unique location, the sand of the beach is golden which accommodates a lot of entertainment locations.

Al Mamzar Park is indeed a  home of beautiful beaches and green fields which consists of acres. Here you can do whatever you want to on the beach, you can swim in the pool, can celebrate any party or picnic on the lawns, Can get an advantage of the playground, there are many activities to do. If you have the desire to do all things, You can use the scenic train and visit all the spots of the park. There are  a lot of facilities in the green parks that the fun lovers can enjoy the sun, you can do jogging, play with kids or friends ,you can enjoy the barbecue as there are 25 barbecue areas which are completed with grills, tables, and chairs ,there is  about 300 Coconut trees, 1,600 palm trees, and 6,000 different  kinds of trees.

Facilities and services of the Park:

The Park gives many different facilities and services for People, this Park was designed to provide service to the people, here the utilities and installations are providing special facilities. A special parking and special toilets are also available here. There are rescue service facilities and swimming pools along with seats under the sun shades are available. Other services include the restaurants, cafeterias, the service to rent a bicycle, the services of beach sports such as basketball, football and volleyball etc, the facility of children’s games, boarding slides platforms and the facility of renting the beach cabins are also available.


 3: Kite Beach Dubai


It is the best place to enjoy water sports and to test your skills on one of the best free beaches in Dubai, The  Kite Beach.

It is located some steps from Jumeirah’s main street,  it is the best place for kite surfing, here you can find the best and high-quality water sports equipment along the sand, with paddle boarding and kite surfing, wakeboarding. Here you can easily find a game of beach volleyball to join with other groups, who are welcoming to new friends. On Kite Beach, you can get a comfortable atmosphere for sunbath as well.

If you want to walk or jog along the coastline, there is about 14km track which is the perfect place. As well as at beachside you’ll have an amazing view of the  Burj Al Arab. Facilities like showers, toilets, drink and food shops are also available.


4: Jumeirah Open Beach


It’s a famous beach, it is located in Jumeirah 1 Dubai, useful facilities are available here like toilet and shower block,  picnic area, you can rent lockers, you can also find picnic tables and volleyball net and small drinks stand. Indeed it’s the best beach of Dubai. There’s also a running and cycling track. It is open 24 hours.


5: Palace Beach / Media City Beach


The best place for families. It is located on Al Sufouh Road, between the two palaces, just before the Palm Jumeirah,. It is very clean and quiet than other beaches. The beach also has the  view of the Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah,

Here you can bring everything you might need with you like food and water. The nearby restaurants and shops are located in Media City. It opens from sunrise till sunset.

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