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Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is known as one of the best and exciting tourist destinations.  Mostly tourists who travel to Dubai for holidays like to spend some of their time at the Ferrari World. It is one of the world’s largest indoor theme parks.

It is the world’s first and only Ferrari which is branded, With over 20 inspired Ferrari rides and attractions, there are two shops and a range of pure Italian dining experiences and many choices for the family.

There are high-adrenaline rides including the world’s fastest roller coaster, Formula Rossa, its speeds are about 240kmph in 4.9 seconds.

This place has many attractions, including state-of-the-art simulators, live shows and unforgettable treasure of racing.

A shiny Ferrari at Ferrari World, Yas Island,  is the place of enjoyment with family whenever you want to do something speedy-cool.

Yas Island Abu Dhabi is a playground for families, which promises to entertain everyone. Don’t forget to visit the Island’s one and only World.

Where you can:

Get a Chance to Enjoy the Fastest Roller Coaster Ride


The fastest thrill ride in the world will be added to your trip. You will get the rare opportunity of enjoying one of the fastest roller coaster rides at the Ferrari World. The ride will start with the help of hydraulic launch which will resonate with the speed of the planes which takes off from the carriers of the aircraft.

Enjoy the even Exciting Race

Definitely, you will like the idea of racing, get a chance to feel the amazing experience of the greatest racing competitions in the world. Right from the starting point to the twists and turns which takes place at the competition, it is an amazing and unforgettable experience.

Kidd’s Fun


For your kids, this is a place where the Ferrari magic comes to life. The  fee is included in Ferrari World ticket price so your kids can enjoy many

  • Junior GT
    Can you believe that Junior Pelota’s Driving School provides an opportunity for your kids to drive a car at this age? This school is providing a  base for very first driving lessons by watching an educational film and experts use to give instructions to drive the wheels of fun-sized 430 GT Spider. The Junior Pilotas will learn how to keep it safe while enjoying driving their very first Ferrari.
  • Khalil’s Car Wash
    Kids can climb the grandstand, can drive and play here and definitely will enjoy a lot.
  • Junior Grand Prix
    By watching a Junior Grand Prix educational film, experts will give the instructions to learn the kiddy’s racing skills.

Family Fun


Everyone wants to enjoy with family and if you want to visit Italy with your family, Italy is here, in Abu Dhabi now.  You can enjoy your Italian Ferrari with your family. Enjoy your Experience with adventurous Rollercoaster rides, Teacup rides, Mille Miglia race, and 4-D fantasy dreamscape ride packages of extraordinary thrilling World of Ferrari.

Excited for a thrilling kick?


Thrill seekers come from many places to experience the thrill. Adults and teenagers like to take part in the race and as well as on the most challenging F1 courses, kick feels like at 240 km/hr if you’re up to the challenge. Formula Rossa, Scuderia Challenge, Fiorano GT Challenge, Karting Academy are all are designed to increase your heart rate.

  • Karting Academy
    It does not matter that you are a beginner or a skilled racer, you and your family will have a great blast while karting at the Karting Academy.
  •  Scuderia Challenge
    If you want the feel of  F1 Race, Race in the virtual Yas Marina circuit and beat the highest lap times, there is an additional fee of 100 AED to experience this thrill.
  • Formula Rossa
    You’ll have to wear safety goggles for the duration of this speedy ride on Grand Prix speeds Rollercoaster, which we bet, will take you to the heights of thrill.
  • Fiorano GT Challenge
    Experience the thrill of a  real drag race as you compete to finish the line in this adventurous Rollercoaster.

Ferrari World can increase the level of your excitement and is a good way to spend a great time during your visit to Abu Dhabi and indeed be visiting the Ferrari world is a wonderful idea which can make a unique trip.

Enjoy an Exciting family outing at Ferrari World: Visit Official Website.


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