13 Apps To Makes Your Life Easier in UAE


If you have an iPhone and are an expat in Dubai, there are some iPhone applications (apps) you absolutely must have.

Not only will they make your life easier but they’ll make living in Dubai a breeze by giving you all the information regarding the map of the locations, routes, public transport availability and timing, guideline about your destination, Car hire, car wash services on your place, RTA free car parking etc.

These apps are :



It is a very useful app for the daily public-transport travelers in Dubai. Even if you don’t use the city’s public transport system – it’s a good application to have on your phone in case of emergencies. The app is developed by the RTA and it helps you plan your journey using real-time maps and GPS services.


Darb App

This app designed and launched by the Department of Municipal affairs and transports is a most useful app to use for Abu Dhabi’s bus service as it is a good source to give real-time traffic feedback. Travelers can get all the information which is required before and during the travel.  Travelers can see all the bus locations live on maps, whenever they want to choose the bus, the app will also show all upcoming stops that the travelers could be aware of where they need to get off and get on the next bus which is heading to their destination.   This app is primarily used for using the network of bus, it is also a good source to offer taxi-hailing service as well.

3 Clear Trip


Despite looking at web pages or calling up to multiple travel agents, this app can help the visitors to book flights and hotels from the phones. This app is very simple and easy to use, visitors can compare airfares between popular airlines from all around the world and can book flights easily. Payments can be done through the credit/debit cards. It also helps to find deals on hotel accommodations.  Travelers can browse through the long list of hotels to know about the prices of star ratings, traveler ratings, and location for an accommodation. The clear trip local part is used to update the travelers for the latest events in the city and even suggests the best restaurants.

4 Waze


Waze is the world’s largest community-based satellite navigation app which is useful in all the seven Emirates.  The app gives the updates of the traffic conditions by collecting data automatically from all active drivers who are also encouraged to report actively on traffic incidents, hazards, roadblocks etc.  Waze gives suggestions for the quickest route to the destination. Although new roads are regularly being laid in the UAE, all the maps are up to date. The community of drivers is also encouraged to share information on local places and businesses. The app can learn the daily commuting habits of travelers and can share an ETA with the friends. It is also connectable with the Facebook and calendar events.

5 Keno


Keno is a Dubai-based Car Wash app. The application’s user-interface is remarkable.

No one wants to spend hours at the local car wash waiting for their turn but, with keno you can get the facility to get the car wash service at your place, it is a good source to save your precious time.

Keno offers a range of services from a Dhs40 body wash all the way up to an interior disinfecting for Dhs95 designed to get rid of all those nasty stains you’ve accrued from weeks of neglect.

You can even have them put a ceramic coating on your car in 2,000, AED

How does it work?

You can download the app by filling in your car’s details including model and plate number.  Then you can choose from the list of available services (and whether you want a wash or detailing) and plot in the location where your car is parked. Keep in your mind to include important information like street/villa number that Keno can easily track down your car.

6 RTA Dubai


RTA’s flagship app won the Hamdan Award for the Best App of  2015. With the help of this app, you can access emergency contacts, parking services, Nol card balance inquiry,  taxis hiring, a test of a driving theory, Salik top-up, an information about RTA along with RTA directory, FAQ’s and location s.You can easily download the app from Google Play store and Apple App Store.

7 RTA Smart Salik


This app facilitates you to manage your Salik account. This app is easy to use, including features such as balance inquiry, recharge, trip history, information on active Salik tags, notifications and announcements. It is not a  lengthy process of entering a 12-digit number to recharge your Salik with a single click.  You can download the app from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

 8 RTA Smart Drive


If you are not able to find out the location, use the Smart Drive app to navigate your route.  The voice and video instructions are also including, speed limit alters and lives traffic updates. The best part of the app is that this app works even without the internet. With the help of Smart Drive app, you can find parking zones, public transport locations, 3D UAE landmarks in an English and Arabic interface. Download the app from Google Play and the Apple App Store.


9 RTA Drivers and Vehicles

This app is designed for all drivers in the UAE. It offers key services related to your vehicles such as license renewal,  the fine payments,  registration of vehicles, online chat with RTA representatives, request for lost or damaged license replacement and vehicle number plate. Download the app from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

10 RTA Smart Parking


If you want to park your vehicle but don’t have coins for the paid parking? Download this app to know more about tariffs, parking payments methods, and spots of vacant parking. Use your credit card or SMS using the app for tariff payments and then you can find out more about auto zone code identification and can get alerts of public holiday, free parking. Download the app from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

11 RTA Sharekni


This is a carpool management app specially designed for the residents of Dubai to share rides. It is a great choice for both the drivers and passengers. For driver’s, it provides guideline and plan and schedules management and for passengers, this app searches for drivers who have pre-planned carpools within certain areas with pick and drop off points at a click of a button. Download the app from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

12 Makani


Makani is a unique application which is providing the official geographic addressing system adopted in the Emirates of Dubai, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah & Ras Al Khaimah.

Dubai is the first city in the world to use numbers called “Makani Number” to exactly locate building’s entrance(s).  Simple addressing consists of 10 digits only, which doesn’t require using names, codes or explaining the location’s direction. It is very easy to use by   Mentioning only numbers for describing location useful for multi-nationalities with different languages in the U.A.E.

Anyone who needs to search, define & locate places and enjoy navigating to desired destinations by using mobiles, tablets, desktop accurately and quickly.

Following some features are available in this release & most of them work WITHOUT the need of the INTERNET connection from the second time of usage!

  • Search for Makani numbers & point of interest by voice.
  • Building boundary & its main entrance(s) markers will highlight with Makani Number once
  • Ability to link Makani number with contact on your mobile.
  • Manage your favorite places which are saved in a very simple way.
  • Advanced Search using a land number and the traditional addressing system to specify a location &  you can get its Makani Number.
  • Reads QR code in Makani plates & can find all related information.
  • Full-featured voice-guided navigation from the current location to the targeted place.
  • Plan route with multi destinations can see the routes on the map & explains the steps to reach the target site.
  • English & Arabic interfaces.
  • The user points on a building in the satellite/normal mode through the interactive map.
  •  Details of selected place with street-level imagery view.
  • Share the location of a place with others through different communication channels and social media.

13 EZhire App

eZhire-Car-Rental-App -Dubai

eZhire Mobile App gives an easy and fastest way to rent a car in UAE, by smoothly connecting renters to car rental companies, eZhire makes cities more accessible, providing more possibilities where nobody has to struggle with taking out time for family vacations, business trips or anything that actually matters. Simply get the car delivered right to you at your doorstep.

Indeed it’s the fastest way to rent a car, which provides very short and easy way to rent a car there is just need to download the app  and   you can register  by attaching only two documents that is Emirates id and driving license ,you can choose an affordable car from the list of cars which describes the rent of each car as well, after choosing the car you can mention the number of days you want to rent and can book the car, Car will be delivered to you within 59 minutes, Say goodbye to long lines and paperwork.

This app is working in all UAE including Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman and Ras Al-Khaimah.   Through this app, you can get the latest models of clean cars and you can get the cheapest rates starting from 65 AED only. You can download the App from App Store or from Google Play.

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