Dubai Summer Surprises – 2018

22 June 2018 – 4 August 2018


Dubai Summer Surprises has something for everyone. Plan your trip to enjoy the Dubai Summer Surprises. It is an annual event of Dubai that was launched first time in the summer of 1998 by the Dubai government in order to promote Dubai as a friendly and family tourist holiday destination. It provides something to everyone like to adults, children, visitors, residences, shoppers, sightseers, and concert-goers.

Dubai Summer Surprises focuses on fun, knowledge, and entertainment for adults and kids.

Accordingly, the mascot of the festival is called Modhesh, it is an Arabic word which is used for amazing and unexpected. The upcoming Dubai Summer Surprises having many activities and games for kids to keep them engaged in creative activities as well as many pleasant events will be arranged there.


For many people shopping is the main thing that comes to mind when thinking about the event but it’s not the only attraction of the Dubai Summer Surprises. People want entertainment as well. A variety of multiple things like shows and live performances are planned, where people can see the rocking performances of dance and can enjoy the rocking music as well. And for those who want to keep in touch with modern fashion trends, a number of fashion shows will be held.


The trends of new fashion in Dubai gets a fitting exposure during Dubai Summer Surprises as it hosts a few fashion shows as well.

A tourist can enjoy this celebration’s especially like heritage oasis, hospitality tents, traditional shows, and competitions. In a nutshell, Dubai Summer Surprise is a great way to explore the Emirates culture, including history,  art & traditions.

As a family event, the Dubai Summer Surprises not only focuses on adults but also on children so that they can be entertained from the event. The show of special children will be held as well during the event. Many theme parks will offer special deals and programs for the families and to keep the youngest visitors entertained between the events, fun characters will walk on the festival grounds. One of these characters will be festival’s mascot – Modhesh, whose name means “amazing” or “surprising” in Arabic. And with a mascot like this, one can be sure that the Dubai Summer Surprises will really provide lots of surprises.

For those, who cannot go to the event, can also get some benefits and advantages from it while visiting Dubai during festival days. A lot of luxurious hotels and resorts offering special deals and discounts on those dates and the same advantage will apply for the restaurants and buffets. And in the evening, outstanding and superb fireworks will bring fun and magic to the Dubai skyline.

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