Benefits of Renting a Car with eZhire


1. Ease of renting

eZhire is a hassle-free rent a car mobile app, we have focused on all the points to make car renting a hassle-free experience. The customers must download eZhire mobile app, register by attaching the required documents (Emirates ID, Driving License) and finally choosing the required car, number of days and delivery location. eZhire delivers the car at the chosen delivery location.

In the traditional way of renting a car, the customer must search for the car renting companies, compare prices, check the car’s availability and most of the times the customer must visit their office. Sometimes while the customers are at the rent a car office they release that they are missing some important document for example passport or credit card. eZhire reviews all the registered information and attached documents once the user has generated the booking and call the customer if certain documents are missing or some information is incorrect so in nutshell eZhire give a hassle-free rent a car experience to the customers.

2. Guaranteed support, no rip-off

eZhire makes sure the quality of the service, eZhire only deliver new and clean cars. The rent is lowest in the market and no hidden charges are involved in this. The cars are thoroughly inspected before delivery and after the collection. Some car rental companies might give the cheap rates but then there can be hidden scams in this, for example, the car is of an old model, or the car is not clean and well maintained. Sometimes the traditional car rental companies try to make money of existing issues in the car, in some cases, they blame the customer for an already existing scratch that the customer might not have noticed in the start.

eZhire makes sure to give a quality service to the customers.

3. More surety of availability of any car

eZhire have a very large fleet of cars, so we have the waste range of different cars available mostly all the times. eZhire is operational in whole UAE so customers can rent any car in any city multiple times once registered with our rent a car mobile app. In the mobile app, we have divided the cars into few categories as per their rate and specifications, so customer don’t need to go through a big list of cars but in case on the demand of any specific car eZhire always cooperates to arrange that.


4. Online tracking of your rental status

With our eZhire car renting mobile app the customers always remain aware of the status of their current and historic car rentals, for example the customer gets the notifications on the booking confirmation, car assignment, rental start, when the rental is going to end, if there is any fine or Salik (Tollgate tax) on the rented car. eZhire makes sure to send all the relevant native mobile notifications, SMS and Emails to the customers on any event happened with their rent a car booking.


5. Easy to rent again with eZhire

In traditional rent a car company once the customer returns the car the record of the customer is lost, and the customer has to go through the same process again if he wants to rent a car again.

With eZhire rent a car mobile app the customers register only once, all the required documents are saved permanently with eZhire, the customer can login to the app and generate the bookings multiple times at any point in the future. eZhire mobile app has an update profile screen where the customers can update their personal information and car rental related documents in case if any of the document has got expired.

6. Ease of Delivery and collection

With eZhire the customer doesn’t need to worry at all, the customer just has to tap the collective now or collect later option and that’s it eZhire will collect the car from the customer. In traditional car rental companies, the customer must leave the car at the corresponding rent a car office, this option is not feasible to most of the customers as in most of the metropolitan cities it takes a lot of time to reach from one location to another by your rented car and then go back by public transport. If you just consider this aspect of eZhire (Delivery and collection) it saves minimum 3 to 4 hours of the customer’s precious time. The available collection options are collect now and collect later. In collect now, the customer chooses the preferred collection location and tabs collect now, and that’s it the eZhire get the request and arranges the collection of the rented car. In collect later, the customer has to choose the collection location and collect date and collection time in the future and that’s it, eZhire gets notified about the collection and arranges the collection of the car at that particular date and time.

7. Ease of car exchange

Customer can request immediate exchange of the car in case If the customer has any concerns with the car’s quality, cleanness, maintains or the car is broken. There is a built-in feature in the eZhire mobile app for the support request of any kind. The customer who rented the car just needs to choose one of the available options. To raise a support, request the customer selects the support icon from the booking detail screen and chooses the relating option as there are a couple of support options as Vehicle Service is due, Request vehicle replacement, Vehicle broken down, Registration expired, Accident, someone hit the vehicle while parked. If the customer chooses any of these options, the related request is directly sent to the vendor a vendor takes immediate actions.


8. 24/7 Support

eZhire staff is there to support 24/7, most of the features are automated in the eZhire mobile app so the customer just need to take right action, for example in case the customer wants to extend the rental, he just need to extend through the mobile app and eZhire will automatically be notified and will take necessary actions to arrange the extension, the customer doesn’t need to do anything else. Similarly, the collection request, the support request can be made through the mobile app. eZhire have tried to automate almost all the possible scenarios, and we are further working to revolutionize the rent a car industry, still eZhire’s contact numbers are with the customers and in the contact page of eZhire’s mobile app and website, eZhire have also an integrated chat feature on the website so customers can get any support anytime in case of need.

9. Remain up to date with new rule relating to transportation and Govt Rules

eZhire newsletter is sent to the emails of all the customers every 2 weeks, where we try to keep the customers up to date regarding new traffic rules, new technological advancements in the automobiles, and rent a car industry updates. We are also updating our mobile app to send an automated newsletter to all the customers’ mobiles, the customers will remain updated relating to all the new rules and regulations in their respective cities.

10. Availability in the multiple cities

eZhire is expanding rapidly, currently, we are operational in whole UAE so our customers can rent a car anywhere once registered with eZhire. For instance, if one customer rents a car in Dubai he can drop the car in Abu Dhabi and vice versa. Similarly, if one customer registers once in eZhire rent a car mobile application he can use it to rent a car in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah. All the eZhire customers get the same support and attention anywhere eZhire is operational.



11. Keeping customer updated on all the statuses

eZhire keeps the updated customer with all the latest statuses of their rented car, for example on the rental end day it automatically sends native notification and emails to inform him either to return the car or extend it. Most of the traditional car rental companies don’t inform their customers, so if the customer gets few hours late in returning the car they charge him the whole day so with eZhire it will never happen. Similarly, if the customer gets any Salik (toll tax) or traffic fine the customer get the notifications and email.


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