Why eZhire is different from the other Car Rentals

In the following blog post, we would explain how eZhire is different from the normal car rentals company in Dubai, UAE.
eZhire is basically a technology company which provides a smart & efficient solution to the who want to rent a car. eZhire does not own a fleet of cars but it rather tied up with car rental companies and provide cars to its user on demand.

As Uber does not own a single car but it is valued at USD $66 billion! Same as eZhire as it does’t own a single car of its own but it’s providing a solution to car rental companies and car rental consumers.
With eZhire mobile application, the users just need to download the mobile application and get the car delivered with just 3 taps
In the conventional car rental, the user first needs to search for the car rental online or physically while with eZhire the user just needs to download the mobile application from the app store.
You will need to inquire and get information about the car`s availability and rental rates for each car and then you will need to do a comparison which car is better suited for you and most economical. It requires a lot of time and a lot hassle.
While with eZhire all you need to do is open the cars tab and take a look at the cars. Price is mentioned with each and every car and all you need to do is just select the car and that’s it.
With a conventional car rental, you will need to provide photocopies of the documents e.g. Passport, IDs, Driving license etc. If you don`t have a copy then you will need to provide originals to staff to make a copy which wastes more time of yours.
If you choose eZhire then all you need to do is just take photos of your IDs and that it. That`s how simple eZhire made the car rental experience.
You will usually need to go the office of the car rental agency and collect the car in person. There is usually a lot period of waiting until the car is ready for you to collect.
Will you need to wait to get the car with eZhire? Nah. Just make a booking with the application on your cell phone from your home, office or anywhere. Relax, do whatever you need to do and the car will be at your doorstep within 59 minutes.
That`s how easy the car rental experience has been mad to you by eZhire. So what are you waiting for? Download the application NOW. You can rent whenever you need to.
Above all, eZhire provides excellent quality customer service and goes the extra mile. Its team does whatever it takes to facilitate it`s user as much as possible.
We at eZhire believe in our users and all we need in return is just your trust because “In eZhire, we trust”
Thank you for believing in us.

Happy renting


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Mobile: +971 54 307 3050
Website: https://www.ezhire.ae