Toyota Fortuner 2022 Review

Toyota Fortuner 2022 Review

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The Toyota Fortuner is a success among families and people who like going on long drives and require a reliable mode of transportation. This Toyota car model has received newer updates in 2022; however, is it worth the price? This 7-seater is built to drive you safely through creeks and dirt roads, but it can work well on urban roads as well. To know more about how this new model has changed and if it is worth it or not, keep on reading this review.

The physical features of the Toyota Fortuner

The last change is this beloved car that often goes unnoticed in 2021, and the 2022 version has had interior and driving changes and exterior changes. So, here are some of the most noticeable features of the Toyota Fortuner 4WD.

  • Overall vibe: The new Toyota car has now become a status symbol with its sleek and elegant appearance. Overall, the car looks much tougher with a square shape and attractive angles. You know that this car means business.
  • Headlamps and bumper: The headlamps of this car are re-profiled, and now the bi-lead headlamps have a new wavy DRL element. Moreover, the grills are now slightly wider with a new wavy design. The LED headlamps with waterfall LED lights also have a fogged lens for better safety.
  • The back of the car: An electric tailgate is easier to open, and the back also has a new spoiler up top. The redesigned taillights and tail lamps look much sleeker. You will also notice chrome strips under the windows on the waistline, all over the car.
  • Wheels: The wheels are stronger than ever with 18-inch alloy wheels.

The interior features of the Toyota Fortuner

Along with the physical appearance from the outside, the interior appearance and some functions have been changed. The new car looks much more worthy of a second glance now, with the interior making it more elegant and classy.

  • Style changes: Before it was a brown interior, they were going for a rusty look. However, due to great demand, now the interior color has changed to leather black, which fits the car better. The black leather has raised white stitching all over and also rich wood trims around some places like the steering wheel.
  • Better functions: The front seats are very well ventilated and have the typical touch system that accepts both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay functions. There is also a wireless phone charging port and a USB port. The infotainment system has also improved with different themes and increased ease of use.
  • Spacious: Just like the previous models, this one is very spacious. Everything is within reach, but the driver and the front passenger will not be bumping shoulders. Furthermore, this seven-seater is very high up the ground, and the backseats are wide enough that an adult will not feel congested.
  • Boot space: The third-row seats pop out, which means you can have a lot of boot space to keep your things. However, when the seats are in, the space is limited at the back.

Driving performance

interior design of Toyota fortuner

No matter how comfortable it is or how beautiful the car looks, the most important part is how well it is while driving. Some changes have been made to improve the drive while also keeping safety in mind; after all, this car is bought for a large family.

  • Engine: The new car has a 2.8L turbo four-cylinder turbo diesel engine with a lot of power to climb up and down. Although it is loud to start, the engine has a larger turbocharger and a better intake system. This engine makes 27PS power and 80Nm torque more than the previous model. If you want a petrol-powered car, the 2WD configuration still has it.
  • Distance: This car’s engine produces 20 kilowatts and 50 Newton meters more than the previous model. This means that the 80-liter fuel tank can take a thousand meters or 900 meters on the road. It can also easily pick up speed and cruise long distances.
  • Overall drive: The insulation of the cabin is much better in this car as it has less engine noise creeping in the car. The engine runs smoother, and although the car is heavy, you won’t notice it throughout most of the drive. The gearbox logic is also well-tuned with 10.58s time for the sprint to 100kmph and a 6.71s time for in-gear acceleration from 20-80 mph outright performance.
  • Drive modes: One of the best features of this car is the different drive modes it has: the normal mode, eco mode, and sport mode. The normal and sports modes both have a great throttle, and the eco mode allows you to drive further. The acceleration in the sports mode is very good for an SUV.
  • Steering: The steering has drive-mode-dependent weight adaptation, making the steering feel easy and light to use. This is especially true for the eco and normal modes. The steering jitteriness and surface feedback in this model are totally gone.

Safety of the car

This SUV has been made keeping you and your family in mind, so the safety is pretty great. Not only does this car easily tow other vehicles, but it also has a number of added safety features to keep you safe.

The seatbelts of this car are made up of inertia reels and are present throughout the car, along with airbags that are present throughout the car. Perhaps the best safety feature that this car provides is the “Toyota Safety Sense”. This feature contains:

  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Lane keep assistance
  • Panoramic view monitor
  • Rear cross-traffic alert

All of these features allow you to have as much security as you can have without being overbearing in nature.

So is the car worth it? Well, it depends on your needs. Although expensive and nothing new, the car has all the classical features with perfection. It doesn’t have a sunroof either, which is a great feature that families love. Despite all that, it has a very strong engine and enough space to fit all your family while looking very classy. A perfect car for families that want to go on lots of adventures while staying safe at all times.


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