Tips for driving at night

Driving in the night tips

Driving at night can be very dangerous, especially for new drivers. You have to be extra careful while driving in the dark. In this article, I am going to provide you with some pro tips to follow, which will help you be a smooth night-time driver.

Clean-up the view  

Car windshield cleaning

A clear view is required to drive safely. Before you take your car outside in the dark, clean all the glasses. If your car’s windshield is dirty or damaged, that can scatter the light and affect your glare. So clean it not only from outside but also from inside. Also, don’t forget to keep your headlights dirt-free.

To clean the outside of the windshield, wipers are enough. But you need to clean the inside part with some glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth to get a good view.

Drive slower

You should drive slower at night because of slower reflection time. You will have limited visibility in the dark. For this reason, you will not be able to react to traffic signs, hazards, and other vehicles as fast as you do in the daylight. If you drive slower, you will get enough time to take the appropriate actions. On the other hand, if you drive faster or equally fast as you do in the daytime, there is a huge chance of missing signals colliding with other cars or even car crashes! So, be careful about the speed at night to avoid accidents.

Don’t drink and drive

Being impaired by alcohol or other drugs while driving is always too risky, and at nighttime, it is even more dangerous. Many studies have proven that the rate of severe crashes involving alcohol is almost four times higher at night than at daylight. You should never get behind the wheel after drinking, not even during the day and obviously not at night. At night, you have to be extra careful and defensive while driving. It is really important to put your defensive instincts on high alert unless you want to cause unnecessary troubles.

Try to avoid two-lane highways

Driving on two-lane highways at night can increase your chances of a wreck. Nighttime glare from headlights of oncoming cars can affect your visibility. Also, two-lane roads usually have a more complex layout, which may seem problematic at night. So, it is clever to avoid two-lane highways at night to drive safely.

Adjust your headlights properly

If your car’s headlights are not angled properly, it can blind oncoming traffic. Moreover, you will not be able to see the side of the road, people, nearby animals or other things. So, not adjusting the headlights before going out with a car at night is definitely a very immature thing to do. You and your car will be the troublemaker on the road.

You can adjust the headlights either by following the manuals or by taking the help of any car repair service.

Dim the inside lights

Interior lights cause a distraction while driving at night. Dimming them will be very helpful to enhance your night vision. These lights can affect your vision and even bounce off the wipers which will affect your ability to see the road. It is better to turn off the in-cabin lights totally as such lighting can be a safety hazard. They are useful for entering, exiting or finding something in the car but not so important to be turned on while driving.

Never stare at lights

While driving in the dark, you have to make sure that your eyes are in the right direction. You should never stare or have a fixed gaze at the headlights of oncoming cars, road lights, and any other lights because these will affect your vision.

When any car’s headlight is directly in front of your eyes, avoid being blinded by shifting your eyes down and to the left. Use the left edge of the lane or road markings as a guide to remain on track. Then you can lift your gaze back up when the oncoming car has been passed.

Be aware of wildlife

Wild animals or maybe street animals often roam around on the road at night. You should carefully avoid collisions with them. But in the dark, you cannot spot them easily. The smartest thing you can do to solve this problem is- using high beams. High beams can help you to detect an animal’s glowing eyes. Also, never try to swerve whenever you see any animal on the road; it is safer to slow down and stop.

Regularly test your car’s lights

Car headlights proper use

You should regularly test all the lights, including- low beams, high beams, brake lights, turn signals, and daytime running lights. These are the most important pieces of equipment to help you to have a good vision during your nighttime driving. If any of them is damaged or cracked, replace or repair them as soon as possible. Without appropriate lighting, driving at night can be at its riskiest.

Use high beams when needed

High beams are not utilized properly by most of the drivers. Although it is not always appropriate to use high beams, these can come in handy to see clearly in the dark. You must not use high beams if an oncoming vehicle is within 500 feet of distance or when you are following another vehicle. But when the road is quite empty, and there is a chance of people or animals walking around, high beams are required. You can even adapt lighting systems that automatically adjust the high beam.

So this is it. These are the most important tips to remember to drive safely at nighttime.

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