Rental Car Features You Need for the Perfect Road Trip

Rental Car Features You Need for the Perfect Road Trip

Planning a perfect road trip in UAE can be exciting, especially if you pick out an interesting destination. You could visit Dubai to spend your vacation on mesmerizing beaches and explore the Hajar mountains along the way. You could also drive to Jabal Al Jais to find picturesque roads and mountain peaks. There are a lot of destinations to choose from – you just have to pick the perfect car for the task. 

Today we’ll discuss the main features you should look for in a rental vehicle to make sure your road trip goes smoothly. Let’s begin!

Why should you rent a car for your road trip to UAE? 

If you want to have a memorable road trip in the United Arab Emirates, renting a vehicle is absolutely necessary. Driving a private car on silky roads and enjoying mesmerizing views is pleasurable on its own. But doing all of that in a comfortable, modern vehicle is a whole different story. A rental car can certainly amplify your experience by a guaranteeing safe and unproblematic ride. 

Top rental car features for a perfect road trip 

A perfect road trip can look different for everyone, yet a well-maintained vehicle is a necessity in every scenario. Here are the features you should consider while renting a car for your upcoming travels.

Modern navigation system 

Modern navigation system 

When you’re in a foreign country or even a city, an accurate and modern navigation system is a must. It’s easy to get lost when you’re driving on unknown roads. Using Google Maps on your phone mightn’t be convenient, especially if you’re alone in the car. 

Therefore, it’s better to look for a vehicle that has a good navigation system. That way, you can easily follow the road, locate the shortest routes, and find your way out if you get lost. 

Sophisticated infotainment 

A road trip won’t be complete without your favorite music playing in the car. There’s nothing worse than being forced to listen to amazing songs through a horrible sound system. It’s equally unpleasant to use CDs to play music in this day and age.

Consequently, you should make sure your rental vehicle has a modern infotainment system with decent speakers. By doing so, your road trip will be that much more fun and enjoyable. 

Enhanced safety features 

Enhanced safety features for a perfect road trip

Safety should always be your number one priority, especially if it’s your first time in UAE. You might be the most capable driver in the world, yet your skills won’t help you if the car doesn’t have the necessary properties. Airbags, traction control, forward collision warning and braking, Lane Keep Assist, and telematics are just a few of the necessary safety features in a car. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions regarding these properties before renting a vehicle. 

Comfortable seats 

Comfortable seats for a perfect road trip

If you’re planning a long road trip that includes several destinations, having comfortable seat is quite important. Being behind the wheel all the time is exhausting – the least you can do is alleviate the fatigue with nice back support and cushioned seat. If you’re renting a vehicle remotely with an app, you can ask the staff to recommend comfortable models. 

Decent acceleration and speed 

 Acceleration and speed limit for a road trip

Even though road trips are fun, nobody wants to spend the whole day driving. We want to reach our destinations in time to make sure everything goes according to plan. Completing this task becomes impossible if we’re driving a car that can barely accelerate. Not only is it annoying for us, but it’s also a major inconvenience on crowded highways. 

To avoid being irritated during the road trip, you should check out the specs of your rental carefully. Choose the model that has decent acceleration and speed. You can even research additional information about recommended vehicles to stay on the safer side. 

Built-in A/C

Last but not least, a must-have rental car feature for a road trip in UAE is built-in air conditioning. The summer months can be extremely hot in this country, making it impossible to drive during the day. Even during the spring, the temperature can reach 37°C (98.6°F). 

Consequently, it’s best to rent a car with air conditioning to cool yourself down after exploring a site or walking around a new city. Generally, it’s best to avoid visiting UAE during July and August unless you want to spend your road trip without leaving the vehicle. 


As you can see, a combination of multiple features can easily guarantee a perfect road trip in the United Arab Emirates. If you choose a well-maintained vehicle with all the necessary properties, you’ll get yourself a recipe for an unbothered road trip. 

Don’t forget to think about the features that are particularly important to you. Apart from basic specs, sometimes we need additional comfort to enjoy our road trips. Thus, make sure you ask about those features while renting a vehicle. 

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