Reasons Why Long-term Car Rental Can Be Your Best Choice

Reasons Why Long-term Car Rental Can Be Your Best Choice

Long-term car rental services can have significant advantages, especially in GCC countries. The public transportation system isn’t equally developed here, turning a car hire service into an ultimate option. 

Be it Bahrain, UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, or Oman – using a long-term car rental is the best choice. You’ll find out why below.  

The costs 

The primary reason why long-term rental is a better option is the reduced costs. Even though daily rates for hiring a vehicle aren’t high, they can add up to significant expenses in a month. 

On top, the best providers will usually offer discounts for monthly rentals. Long-term car hire services can be 50% less expensive compared to daily rentals. 

Therefore, it’s better to go for a long-term rental. That way, you’ll use the car as usual while cutting down the costs. 

A long-term rental is also a better option than buying a vehicle. Monthly fees for maintaining or repairing a car can be quite high, especially if you use the financing instead of paying the whole amount upfront. 


A long-term rental is also the best choice if you want to have flexibility with your cars. You can try out a vehicle for a month and pick out a different model for the next 30 days. The best rental agency will even allow you to swap the cars midway. Such flexibility means that you can drive any car you want depending on what you need during that month. 

For example, if you’re mainly commuting, you can rent a fuel-efficient vehicle. If you decide to go on a vacation to the beach, you can swap it for a cool convertible. 

The ability to drive almost new cars 

Drive a new rental car

Rental cars are usually 1 or 2 years old – you’ll hardly ever find earlier releases. If you choose to hire a vehicle, you’ll get the chance to drive modern vehicles that are in perfect condition. They will have a state-of-the-art infotainment system, advanced safety features, as well as a refined exterior/interior. 

Such cars are usually expensive to purchase and maintain, which means most of us can’t afford them. With long-term car rental services, even luxurious sports vehicles become accessible for an affordable price. 

Less effort and hassle 

One of the best features of long-term rental is how simple it is to utilize, especially if you choose a convenient provider. eZhire streamlines the whole process by providing its services through a straightforward app. You can download it on your smartphone and reserve your rental right from there. You’ll have to rent a vehicle once, have it delivered and use it for as long as you’d like. 

Moreover, swapping a rental car is way easier than buying and selling each time you want to drive a new model. With a long-term rental, you can keep your options open and still benefit from hassle-free swapping. 

Safe and private travels  

Safe and private travels

Finally, a long-term rental means that you can drive safely in a private vehicle. This is particularly important if you’ve just moved to a new country. Instead of using crowded public transportation or taking a cab with a stranger, you can just drive a car without worrying about your safety. 

Being alone in the car will also be beneficial if you’re planning to travel outside the country. Spending a long time on the road with complete strangers can be intimidating. Thus, it’s better to rent a car long-term and use it whenever you decide to travel outside the city or country. 

How to rent a car long-term? 

How to rent a car long-term? 

To rent a car long-term, you should download the eZhire app on your smartphone. When you first use the app, you should register and upload a valid ID or passport along with a local/international driving license. Once those documents are submitted, you can select your location, choose the desired car, select dates, and confirm the booking. After completing these simple steps, you’ll have the vehicle delivered as soon as possible. 

When choosing a monthly rental, you should keep in mind that your subscription will renew automatically unless you choose to cancel it or swap the car. This makes the whole process even more convenient as it eliminates the need to complete required the steps over and over again. 

If you change your mind about the model midway, you can contact eZhire’s customer support team and they will help you transition through cars with ease. Once again, you won’t have to drive to the agency – you’ll have the vehicle delivered to your apartment. The car will be picked up at the end of your rental period. 

To provide long-term car rental services, eZhire collaborates with multiple agencies. By doing so, they offer the lowest rates and the widest possible selection of models. Don’t forget to check out their monthly promotions to get a long-term rental for a fraction of the price! 


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