Nissan Altima Reviewed by eZhire – Must Read Our Detail Analysis Before Buy or Rent One

Nissan Altima Reviewed by eZhire, so if you are planning to buy one, or rent please read our detailed analysis on it.

The Altima is the midsize line up of Nissan featuring a Luxurious Interior, modern Instrument clusters, a sophisticated exterior styling that evokes sportiness and with a 5-star safety rating from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Nissan has maintained its strong market presence in the market and further reinforced by the dominance of the Nissan Patrol and the Altima. The Nissan badge on any vehicle exalts prestige because of its reliability in harsh conditions and relatively minimum maintenance requirements due to its High Standards of quality in manufacturing and design. Luxury, Comfort, and Performance are the Hallmark of Nissan.


The Nissan Altima is top in its class in terms of safety with a five-star rating in all categories. The safety features present in the Altima is the ABS, Traction Control, Adaptive Cruise Control and many more safety features such as Front Airbags and side curtain airbags.

Exterior Design

The Altima presents an Aura of sportiness with its smooth clean lines and sharp iconic grille. The Altima’s dimension further highlights its imposing presence of luxury. The aggressive muscular curves of the Altima punctuates its sportiness and gives it the essence of speed. The Headlight and taillights feature of the Altima further emphasizes its character as a luxury midsize sedan that is more than capable of delivering performance. The LED signature line gives it a touch of modern class. The integrated tail light design gives improved visibility that leaves a lasting impression.


Interior Design.

The Interior of the Altima projects Luxury, Comfort, and safety. The sleek windshield and windows give the driver a high field of visibility. The Instrument cluster and steering wheel of the Altima are placed for ease of access to control, ergonomics and comfort. The Steering wheel is equipped with cruise control and controls for the multimedia console.

The innovative instrument cluster and heads-up display provide vital information at a glance, displays turn by turn navigation and most importantly monitors the tire pressure to ensure that they are properly inflated. The instrument cluster also displays caller ID to ensure seamless connectivity with your smartphone through NissanConnect (if equipped). The Altima is also equipped with top of the line Bose entertainment system that will make any journey more pleasurable.

The luxurious cockpit of the Nissan Altima features pushes to start ignition, Dual Zone Climate Control, Eight Way adjustable leather seats that are the pinnacle of comfort that offer generous support the help lessen stress and fatigue during long drives.

The rear seat of the Nissan Altima also provides unparalleled comfort for passengers with 60/40 seats that fold down for more cargo space when needed. The rear cabin is also equipped with air vents to ensure maximum comfort for the passengers.



The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) rated the Nissan Altima with 5 stars.

The Comprehensive Safety features utilize active and passive technologies. Safety is also built-in with the Nissan Altima due to its Zone Body Construction, The Altima combines advance high strength construction with impact absorbing components to maximize protection in the event of a collision. The Nissan Advanced Airbag System features six standard airbags; The dual-stage supplemental front airbags with seat belt and occupant-classification sensors, front seat-mounted side-impact supplemental airbags, and roof-mounted curtain side-impact supplemental airbags with rollover sensors ensures safety.

The Nissan Altima also utilizes modern technological advancement in vehicle safety such as the Vehicle Dynamic Control, Traction System Control, and Anti Lock Braking system with advanced braking technology. The Nissan Altima is also equipped with ISOFIX system to ensure that ISOFIX compliant child seats are safely strapped in the vehicle.


Engine and Transmission Performance

The Nissan Altima combines Luxury and Comfort with Performance with its efficient yet capable 182 HP 4 cylinder gasoline engine coupled with Nissan’s Xtronic CVT transmission for seamless delivery of power.

The Nissan Altima’s 182 horsepower engine is extremely efficient provided EPA estimated fuel economy of 27 Mpg in city driving and 38 Mpg on the highway. The CVT transmission ensures that the engine RPM is at an ideal level maximizing efficiency. The Nissan Altima’s transmission gives you two options of driving mode such as the Drive mode for normal, everyday city driving and the Sports mode for a weekend of spirited driving making your driving experience with the Altima more enjoyable.



The Altima’s excellent 5-star safety rating makes it a worthy contender for the best car for value. Nissan’s commitment to luxury and performance along with superb engineering quality makes the Nissan Altima a pleasure to drive.

The technology incorporated in the Nissan Altima’s design is the perfect balance of luxury and performance without any compromise for safety. From the cabin’s luxurious interior and choice of material to the more-than-capable 182 horsepower engine, the Nissan Altima truly delivers.

The Altima is perfect for driving in the city limits because of its many active safety features that ensures the safety of not only the drivers and passengers in the vehicle but also the surrounding motorists and pedestrians as well. The Nissan Altima is also at home to wide open highways with its 182 horsepower engine delivering power to make the trip enjoyable. Not only that, Altima’s cabin offers a wide array of amenities and entertainment to ensure a stress-free and comfortable drive.

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