New Toyota Land Cruiser GR Sport UAE

New Toyota Land Cruiser GR Sport UAE.


Al-Futtaim Toyota, one of the most renowned and reliable car dealership groups in UAE, has launched the new Toyota Land Cruiser GR Sport model. It is the most awaited and highly desirable off-road vehicle belonging to the iconic Toyota Land Cruiser. This special model has some enhanced features that have made it exclusive from the previous models.

Off-road vehicle users of middle east countries always prefer Toyota Land Cruiser for its excellent quality, reliability, and durability. But the New Toyota Land Cruiser GR Sport model presents some exclusive features that contain unprecedented improvements to the chassis and powertrain of the SUV segment. 

This is specially formed to meet the desires of numerous sports car enthusiasts and set a new standard in SUVs. By offering the best off-road performance and unparalleled driving experience on all roads, the all-new Land Cruiser GR Sport is going to be one of the best-wanted models in the UAE ever.

History of Toyota Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser was first launched in 1951. Since then, the Land Cruiser has always held its position among the variety of featured car models. The Land Cruiser is regarded as the most produced vehicle in Toyota’s history.  In the year of 1995, the Land Cruiser started its journey by participating in the most difficult Dakar Rally. 

After that, it has subsisted in the commercial car category for more than 25 years. The developments to the new Land Cruiser (300 Series), particularly in the GR Sport model, are successful participation in highly competitive sporting events. It has taken almost more than 25 years of experience that is gained through the tremendous effort of numerous specialists. 

Why is this so popular?

The Toyota Land cruiser is always popular among customers worldwide for its various user-friendly features and unbeatable durability. It has continuously exceeded its excellence and technological advancement during the last 70 years of its emergence. The flagship model used in the Land Cruiser series has led to vehicle evolution in every generation as it always incorporates the latest technologies. For years, the gradual development has resulted in reducing vehicle weight,  lowering the gravity center, the continuous adoption of new powertrains, and a unique off-road capability. The Toyota Land Cruiser is regarded as an indispensable tool that eases lives in remote destinations, contributes a lot to humanitarian aid and disaster relief efforts, and provides peaceful experiences in daily transportation.

Special features of New Toyota Land Cruiser

So many special features have made the new Toyota Land Cruiser so special and convenient for the users. Let’s have a look at some special features of this car.

  • It has special features to control each front automatically and electronically that effectively react to road conditions and the individual conditions of each of the four wheels to provide more precise stabilization adjustments.
  • It has two exclusive safety functions in the pre-collision system that help to avoid a collision or reduce damage by detecting pedestrians and cyclists.
  • The car provides a reliable all-terrain performance that enables the driver to drive comfortably on every type of road around the world without any tiresome effort.
  • It is combined with a spacious, high-quality interior to bring drivers and passengers an elevated experience on every journey.
  • It has the GA-F Platform that renders a refined ride and improved environmental performance.
  • There is a newly developed suspension that has refined on-road steering stability and outstanding off-road performance.
  • It has Hydraulic power steering with a steering actuator.
  • The car is fitted with an electronic control brake system that is specialized in detecting brake pedal input to generate optimal braking is facilitated with a safer and more confident low-speed maneuvering force. 
  • The exterior of this car includes a special radiator grille, a special front bumper, a special rear bumper, exclusive wheel arch molding, a rear Toyota emblem, special rear mudguards, 18-inch aluminum wheels, special emblem, outdoor side door handles, door mirrors, and so on.
  • The interior includes a special genuine leather-wrap steering wheel, special start-up screen, special front seats, Interior decoration, excellent Interior color: GR-exclusive Black; GR-exclusive Black and Dark Red, Smart Key, exclusive interior decoration with machined carbon-weave panels.
  • It has a new auto mode that enhances the capabilities of multi-terrain select and adjusts road directions according to the conditions such as sand, rock, dirt, and mud.
  • The vehicle also has features of crawling control and turning assist functions.

The technology used in this GR Sport Model


Technology of land cruiser GR sport

The identity of the new Land Cruiser 300 Series means the GR Model has been reshaped by assembling cutting-edge technologies that have been accumulated over many years. It enables the driver to go on any type of road in the world without tiring. The Electronic-Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (E-KDSS) that is electronically controlled by stabilization adjustments is used in this model for the first time in the world. E-KDSS is basically a suspension control system that manages both the increased driving stability in urban and off-road environments. 

The GR Sport is also equipped with a Torque Sensing limited-slip differential, unique in the special radiator grille. A new 3D Terrain Monitor enables the driver to determine the condition of the roads around the vehicle. Special new technology has been added to these Toyota vehicles that make steering and maneuvering safer and more reliable. 

The UAE has already caught the whole world’s attention by launching the New Toyota Land Cruiser GR model. This special model is combined with all-terrain performance and the best possible technical support. The GR Model is extraordinarily designed with a compatible interior and exterior to ensure driving stability and passenger convenience in the harshest terrain. To check the other alluring features, you can visit their official website. This model is the most awaited purchasing product in the transportation sector. Get yourself updated with every information revealed by UAE regarding this New Toyota Land Cruiser GR model.


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