How to rent a car: expectations vs. reality 

How to rent a car: expectations vs. reality 

Are you trying to rent a car? Even though car rental has become very popular these days, it still has many myths surrounding it. These myths often stop people from renting cars and opt for alternatives. So, most people go through inconvenient options instead of tackling the issue. 

But if we are being honest, people’s opinion about how to rent a car in Dubai entirely depends on their experience and their views on it. Everyone may have positive or negative things to say about it, which might not be the most accurate at times. In this article, we will tackle some expectations and reality that people have regarding car rentals. 

Number 1

Expectation: Car rentals are more expensive

Affordable rental car with eZhire

There is this concept of car rentals being expensive for many people. They often opt for leasing a car or paying a hefty amount to buy their own car. This, in their mind, is the effective way car rentals are expensive. Even if they don’t buy their own car, they opt for Uber or other public transportation instead. They take such alternatives to minimize the expenses that they would spend on car rentals. They solely believe that any such alternatives are better than renting a car.


Reality: Car rentals are actually cheaper

Rent a cheap rental car with eZhire

But the reality is that car rentals can be cheaper than leasing a car or public transportation. There are plenty of car rental companies, and each has its own policies on how much they cost. Varying from car to car, you usually get worth your bucks. 

You can choose the duration of your rental, the type of car, and whether you want a chauffeur. All these factors combined determine the price of the rental. Even though you can get a very expensive rental service, there are plenty of affordable options as well. All in all, the amount of flexibility and comfort you get by renting a car is much cheaper than any other alternative. 

Number 2

Expectation: Public transport can be more convenient than renting

Public Transport vs rental car

Most people believe daily public transport is much more convenient than car renting. They think so as they don’t have to sign any kind of paperwork or do any legal processing. For public transportation, they have to choose the type of public transport they want to get onto, and they will reach their destination in no time. So, the main reason that many people avoid renting is because of the hassle that comes with the procedure. But is that really true, though? Let’s find out in the next point.

Reality: Renting a car is easier than you think 

 Renting a car is easier through eZhire app

If you opt for public transportation instead of renting, can you take the same daily ride? No right. You have to take different daily transport based on your route, rush hour traffic, the distance between your destination, and more. As it varies every other day, the expenses might also differ based on it. For example- the bus is cheaper than Uber, but it is more convenient to take an uber to your destination. So, instead of going through all these hassles, you can rent a car for a certain amount of time and go wherever you want without any issue.

By choosing to rent a car, you are freeing yourself from the headache of choosing which transport to take and having the freedom to drive yourself to the destination. So the comfort and time you will get for renting the car will surely be worth every penny you pay.

At either, there are a variety of the most modern and efficient cars. So, you can easily choose the ones you like based on your preferences and needs. Also, the experience that you will get from here is surely extravagant.

Number 3

Expectation: Car rental procedures are complicated

Another reason why people might avoid car rentals is that they probably think that it’s not very easy. The huge fuss of paperwork, processes, and regulations might turn many people off. This also usually makes people rethink twice before they choose to rent a car. Without discovering the process themselves, they come to conclusions based on others’ opinions.

Reality: Renting cars is simpler than you imagine 

Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, renting a car is getting more efficient and advanced. Like any other shop, it is now available online and offline options for the customers. Also, there is no worry about car insurance and servicing regarding car rentals. If you leased a car, you would have to go through the hassle of this stuff. 

Long-term rentals are also cost-effective, and you can also get the option to drive yourself or not. You can also get a chauffeur if you don’t want to drive yourself. The paperwork process has now become very simplified, and you can also get immediate help from your car rental company if you face any issues.

These are some of the myths about renting a car that we debunked today. So, in the future, when you are renting a car, and someone tells you such things, make sure you enlighten them with reality. Also, choose the right car rental company that will provide you with comfort and authenticity. If you’re looking for a good car rental company for future rentals, you may look into eZhire for your answer.


Why choose eZhire for renting a car?

Why choose eZhire for renting  a car?

eZhire is an on-demand app-based car rental service that provides easy and affordable rental cars.  The entire procedure of eZhire is very convenient, and anyone can do it in minutes. You have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to cars. It also frees you from the hassle of picking up the car from the rental place as it delivers the car to your doorstep. For this reason, when it comes to renting a car, it is the way to go.


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