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Fuel Prices For September 2023 in the UAE
Tamsila AliSep 1, 2023 2 min read

Fuel Prices For September 2023 in the UAE

Fuel prices in the UAE have always piqued the interest of residents due to their direct impact on household budgets and daily expenses.

Unlike many other countries, the UAE follows a unique approach to determining fuel prices, revising them every month and announcing them ahead of each new month.

This approach fosters transparency and allows for swift responses to global oil market fluctuations.

With the anticipation surrounding fuel prices for August 2023 recently quelled, as the UAE's fuel price committee unveiled the petrol and diesel prices for that month, let's focus on the fuel prices for September 2023 in comparison to those of August:

Fuel Prices in the UAE for September 2023

Fuel Prices in the UAE for September 2023

  • Super 98: AED 3.42 (Higher than August)

  • Special 95: AED 3.31 (Higher than August)

  • E Plus 91: AED 3.23 (Higher than August)

  • Diesel: AED 3.40 (Higher than August)




Q1. Why does the UAE revise fuel prices every month?

A. The UAE revises fuel prices every month to maintain transparency and respond swiftly to global oil market fluctuations. This approach allows residents to have up-to-date information and ensures fair pricing.

Q2. How do fuel prices in September 2023 compare to those in August?

A. In September 2023, fuel prices in the UAE are higher compared to August. Super 98 is priced at AED 3.42, Special 95 at AED 3.31, E Plus 91 at AED 3.23, and Diesel at AED 3.40, all of which are higher than the previous month's prices.

Q3. What challenges do higher fuel prices in September 2023 pose for UAE residents?

A. Higher fuel prices in September 2023 may pose challenges for UAE residents as they need to adjust to increased living costs. This can impact household budgets and daily expenses, making it essential for individuals and businesses to stay informed about fuel price fluctuations and adapt their financial decisions accordingly.


In conclusion, as September 2023 unfolds, UAE residents will grapple with elevated fuel prices, contrasting with August's, illustrating the perpetual influence of global oil market dynamics. 

The monthly fuel price adjustment mechanism continues to serve as a cornerstone of transparency and agility in pricing, although it presents formidable challenges for individuals and businesses, necessitating adaptations to accommodate heightened living expenses.

It remains imperative for all stakeholders to stay abreast of fuel price fluctuations, enabling informed financial decision-making and the flexibility to align budgets with the evolving fuel landscape in the UAE.