Five Tips for Choosing a Better Rent a Car Service in UAE

Five Tips for Choosing a Better Rent a Car Service in UAE

UAE brags with a versatile scene of rental agencies. You’ll find them everywhere – airports, shopping malls, or around the city. Car hire services are quite popular here, especially among tourists. Consequently, the market responds with diverse options. 

Even though it’s nice to have versatility, abundant choices call for the question: how to pick out a reliable agency? Don’t worry – here are five tips for rent a car service in the UAE. 

1. Find out the actual costs of renting a vehicle 

Find out the actual costs of renting a vehicle 

Rental agencies all over the world bloat the prices of their cars by pushing add-ons onto their customers. Some of them make it seem like additional packages are absolutely necessary, while others don’t mention extra fees while promoting insurance coverage or child seats. The former scenario forces you to pay money for things that you don’t need, while the latter presents you with fees in the end when there’s not much you can do. 

To choose a better rent a car service, you have to filter out agencies that promote add-ons too eagerly. Naturally, it’s essential to receive full information about available packages, however, they shouldn’t be presented in the light of necessity. If you want that extra comfort and safety, you’ll purchase add-ons on your own – the main thing is to have the freedom of choosing what you want. 

By eliminating ‘bloated’ options, you’ll be left with agencies that keep their rates as close to real costs as possible. 

2. Check if the policy is flexible or not 

You should check if the policy is flexible or not 

Flexibility is another characteristic that turns an ordinary agency into a better one. Some companies have strict policies about switching cars, making it impossible to swap the models midway. Agencies that have higher standards will usually remain flexible and allow you to change the models whenever you want. On the eZhire app, for example, you can swap cars, even with monthly rental options. 

3. Make sure the agreement doesn’t favor any parties 


Another suggestion on our list of five tips for rent a car service in UAE is to make sure the agreement doesn’t favor any parties. Truth be told, that paperwork is the trickiest part of renting a vehicle. It includes documents that nobody reads carefully, allowing the agencies to sneak favorable clauses without any trouble. After signing the agreement, you’ve confirmed all those policies and can’t do anything about them. 

To pick out a reliable agency, you should eliminate the ones that require too much paperwork or have agreements that favor companies over customers. Clients have their rights too, that should be protected no matter what. 

4. Peak at the versatility of the fleet 

Peak at the versatility of the fleet 

To choose a better car hire service, you should also determine how versatile an agency is. All of them claim to have diverse options, but the fleet tends to thin out easily during busy seasons. That’s why it’s important to make sure they have enough cars to satisfy the needs of their customers. 

Moreover, the whole idea of renting is to be able to drive the desired vehicle. Be it an ordinary fuel-efficient model or a luxury sports car – customers should have the ability to choose the options that suit their needs the best. 

To avert the issues related to versatility, the other app partners with the biggest fleets in the market. The concept is the same as with Uber but instead of a taxi, you receive a rental car. Their innovative approach guarantees that the most popular models are available throughout the year. 

  5. Pay attention to convenience

Pay attention to convenience

Lastly, you should pay attention to convenience. When other characteristics are satisfactory, the last feature you should look for is the service. To do so, you should search for answers to the following questions: 

  • Does the agency require complicated paperwork?
  • Do you have to visit their branch to hire or drop off a vehicle? 
  • Do they require a security deposit? 

The leading agencies will provide their customers with convenient service. Be it reduced paperwork or delivery/pickup services – they will get out of their way to make the process of renting as smooth as possible. 

Another factor determining convenience is customer support. Great companies usually have customer service teams that are available round the clock, are willing to help, and always express respect. 

All in all, the list of five tops for rent a car service in UAE includes all the useful suggestions that will help you pick out the best companies on the market. Make sure the agency falls into all of the categories, otherwise, you won’t receive the service you expected. Don’t forget to read reviews before finalizing the deal to stay on the safe side. 

To easily access the best service in UAE, download the eZhire app today. You’ll access, eye-catching promotions and terms that are always on the customer’s side. 


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