Few Basic Tips To Follow When Renting A Car In Qatar

Renting A Car In Qatar

Are you in search of a comprehensive guideline about car renting in Qatar? Qatar is always a popular tourism spot for every traveler. Apart from its various fascinating viewpoints, Qatar attracts tourists for a convenient transportation system. A well-maintained and easygoing car renting system is an inevitable part of Qatar. Most people choose car renting in Qatar as they are easier and faster than any public transports or other conveyance. But before selecting the right rental company, you have to follow some instructions to make your trip more enjoyable. Let’s share some useful ideas that will help you a lot in picking the best car rental deal in Qatar.

Essential requirements to rent a car in Qatar

To rent a car is not a big deal. If you are not a citizen of Qatar, it is quite normal that you do not know the formal procedure of renting a car in this country. There are some requirements that you need before renting a car. few selective requirements are-

  • You have to be at least 18 years old to get a driving license, but the minimum age for renting is 21 years in Qatar.
  • Being a traveler or non-resident, you need an international driving license or GCC driving license, which will be valid for up to 6 months.
  • The driving license of Qatar will be applicable for only seven days in the case of visitors and travelers.
  • You also need an original passport and visa, and card.
  • Some rental companies require credit cards to get payment
  • Keep your national ID card with you always
  • Have a primary idea about the traffic rules of Qatar

Car rental costs in Qatar

There are many car rental companies in Qatar having many budget-friendly renting offers. It is totally up to your choice and requirement to select the right one. Car rental costs may vary as per the car model, your destination, trip duration, or other factors. Here is the average car rental cost verified by several companies.

  • Small saloons will cost you from QR 90 to QR 150
  • If you rent the medium saloons, you have to pay from QR 150 to QR 200
  • The SUVs will charge you around QR 180 to QR 270
  • If you have a huge budget, you can have luxury cars that will cost you from QR 210 to QR 3900 

Few things to remember before renting a car in Qatar

Though Qatar is regarded as a tourist-friendly country, you may face some troubles for the lack of proper knowledge about car renting. Here are some effective suggestions for you so that you can have a good trip to Qatar without facing any hassle.

Check the terms and conditions given by the rental company

 Rent a car terms and condi

You must have to go through the terms and conditions at a glance before entering into a contract with any car rental company. Check their offers as well as their helping system in case of any mischief or emergency. You should also inquire if they have any extra charge for any unnecessary purpose.

Examine the condition of the car

Examine the condition of the car before hiring

Before renting a car, examine the real condition of the car with a conscious eye. Check whether the air conditioner or internal appliances are working as to your requirement or not. Do not rent an old car with any hidden defects. You can take some photos before having the delivery of the car so that you can check it while giving it back to the rental company. This small step will help you a lot to avoid any additional cost claimed by the company.

Select the right type of car as per your destination

SUV car for rent in Qatar

Most of the places in Qatar are deserted. So, you have to rent a four-wheel-drive or SUV so that it can cope up with the dune bashing. Contrarily, if you want to explore the city area, a small car can be a good deal for you. Your time schedule is also an important factor in this accord. Discuss your desired destination openly with your rental company to get the right one for your best journey.

Choose the best place to rent

As car renting is very available in Qatar, you have to face some difficulties to choose the most convenient place and the right company to get rent. Search various websites of different companies and select the reliable one. You can consider the customer review option as a good source.

Book the car in advance

Though there are a lot of companies in Qatar, you can contact your preferred companies in advance to get rent. It is a great safety measure which will allow you to get discounts and avoid extra troubles.

How to rent a car in Qatar? 

How to rent a car in Qatar? 

Qatar is a small country having lots of options to adopt for happy traveling. There are so many companies who provide a wide range of services with handy payments regarding car rental. There is a national guideline, though; some companies have special requirements as per their quality service.  

In general, you have to follow some simple steps to rent a car in Qatar. As like-

  1. First of all, fix your location and destination with a very particular description.
  2. Explore various websites of car rental company and their terms and conditions carefully.
  3. Select the best car rental company for you with who have enough positive customer review
  4. Ensure that you have fulfilled all the requirements to rent a car in Qatar
  5. Then choose your drive type
  6. Let your company know when and where you need their car to come
  7. Fill out the form served by your company with a few small details
  8. Select the suitable type of car as per your comfort and convenience
  9. Submit your necessary documents regarding your driving license
  10. Finally, confirm your booking with payments

A large number of Qatar residents have their personal cars. Consequently, a car rental service is the most considerable option for every visitor and tourist. As huge options are available for this purpose, the task of selecting the right one seems troublesome sometimes. But if you know the basic tips, it becomes very simple and safe for you. So, enrich yourself with every necessary detail about car renting and enjoy happy travels in Qatar.


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