ELECTRIC CAR Renault Zoe now available for rent at eZhire


eZhire is working continuously to provide the best customer experience possible. In this journey to be the best, we thought we could provide an alternative solution by adding Renault Zoe – our first electric car to our fleet. Electric cars are the future of the automobile industry and we recognize that. Our Zoe is not just cost-effective, but also pollution-free!

All About Renault Zoe:

Renault Zoe’s first release was in 2012, equipped with a 22kWh lithium-ion battery which provided a battery-usable range of between 210 km to 240 km. In 2016 Renault introduced an optional 41kWh lithium-ion battery, which increased the range to 400 km under the NED cycle. Zoe was ranked among the world’s top 10 best-selling plug-in electric cars for two years in a row, 2015 and 2016.



Renault Zoe – the WOW factor:

– A trendy design
Experience passion! With its squashed, fashioned shapes, Renault ZOE was born to move. Connected in every sense of the word, this modern electric city car will revolutionize your life.

– The epitome of electric identity
Blue chrome diamond on its front grille, slight blueish headlamps for an charmed look, LED daytime lights set into its dimples… Renault ZOE has real charm.

– Streamlined rear lights
The trendy rear lights of Renault ZOE with their boomerang lighting signature also deliver its modern, electric identity. The transparent, concentric, blue surrounds light up red when you brake. Wow!

– The look of a coupe
A compact 5-door city car that looks like a coupé? We rose to the challenge! Our designers achieved this by incorporating the rear door handles into the window frame. Ingenious!

– Inspired by nature
Enjoy an interior design that inspires peace and quiet. Water, air, wind… Everything in Renault ZOE reminds natural elements. Its symbolic white dashboard, underlined with chrome, looks like a wind turbine blade, indicating renewable energy.

– Z.E. signature
Make yourself comfortable in one of the ultra-modern, electric train-inspired seats. A nod to Renault “Zero Emission” technology, the driver’s headrest bears the Z.E. signature.



Renault Zoe – strengths:

Making the city a better place, one that everybody dreams of. The Renault ZOE makes the dream come true! Calm, silence, happiness…


Zoe Comfort Zone
Well-being and peace of mind or driving pleasure? With Renault ZOE, you don’t have to choose! Clean air, silence, zen interior, ideal temperature, plenty of features to make driving easier: we’ve thought of everything to make you comfortable.
– Automatic gearbox
– Automatic climate control
– Take care by Renault (Discover the “Take Care by Renault” pack, which comes as standard on the ZOE Zen version. Toxicity sensor, ioniser, active fragrance: it is entirely devoted to your well-being.)
– Rain and light sensors
– Hands-free card (Car Key Remote)

Zoe Technology
Experience innovation. With more than 60 patents filed for its design, the Renault ZOE incorporates the most advanced electric technology!
– 240 km of driving range in NEDC** cycle
– 3D sound by Arkamys®
– Reversing camera
– Hill-start assist
Zoe Multimedia R-Link
Rediscover multimedia through simple features tailored to your Renault ZOE, including a large touch screen, modern interfaces and Bluetooth, along with USB sockets and a jack on the front panel… Listening to your portable music player, syncing your phone book and accessing vehicle information has never been so easy!
– Telephone (Thanks to voice recognition, you just have to say a name to start a call. Depending on your telephone and your settings, your contacts are automatically synchronised and R-LINK displays a list of them and the photos associated with them)
– Navigation (Select a destination and the Carminat TomTom Z.E. LIVE navigation suggests the most energy-efficient route and locates the charge points along the way. You can see your Renault ZOE’s radius at a glance and its ability to reach your destination.)

Zoe Safety Elements
For many years, we have developed a global approach that takes all of the risk factors into account. As a result of all of these advances, Renault ZOE was voted “best Supermini 2013” by the Euro NCAP organization. Just reward for our safety engineers and a further guarantee for you.
– Anti-lock braking system
– Protecting vehicle occupants
– Electronic Stability Control
– Silence and pedestrians
– Protected battery


Renault ZOE: performance


Renault ZOE has more driving range than any other mass production electric vehicle in the world. ZOE has a Chameleon charger unit, the most efficient in terms of electric charging.

Performance Factor of ZOE:
– Range optimizer: heat pump
– Range optimizer: regenerative braking
– Range optimizer: Michelin Energy™ E-V tyres
– Pre-cooling (The pre-cooling system lets you program the heating or air conditioning to come on when ZOE is still on charge.)
– Eco mode air conditioning and heating
– Customizable fuel saver


How do you charge your Renault ZOE?

Charge your Renault ZOE at home or in the street. It’s easy! There are 2 charging method are below slandered and 22W Fast Charge:


-First optimized charging time
Fitted with the smart Chameleon™ charger unit, your Renault ZOE’s battery can be charged for between 1 hour and 4 hours depending on the charging power.

-Standard charge
In Standard Charge, usually at home, Renault ZOE charges completely in 4 hours from a public charging station, wall boxes, or a green-up socket.

-22 kW fast charge
In 22 kW Accelerated Charge, it re-charges to 80% in one hour, from a public terminal.

The charging flap and the Chameleon charger
The charging flap can be found under the front end Renault logo. Its Z.E. charge indicator flashes slowly when the re-charge is active and continually informs you of the level of energy, the extent to which the battery is charged and the charging time remaining. Thanks to its Chameleon charger, patented by Renault, your Renault ZOE is capable of adapting to the available charging powers (from 2 to 44 kW), which makes it one of the best performing vehicles.

The Renault ZOE comes with two charging leads.

– The Standard re-charging cable
– The Flexi Charger
You can charge your ZOE at your home, the wall boxes and standard charging terminals located in the carparks of certain shopping centers, Renault dealerships etc. Your Renault ZOE is completely re-charged in one hour depending on the power available.


Renault has taken a step in the right direction by introducing Zoe in the UAE. We at eZhire support & encourage the usage of pollution-free electric cars and have now added Renault ZOE into our fleet. No fuel, no worries!

If you want fastest and hassle-free way to rent a Renault Zoe car in Dubai then just eZhire it.
Select Renault Zoe for as many days as you wish and we will deliver the car to your doorsteps!!



Note: “All About Renault Zoe” has been copied directly from the Renault website.
For more detail visit orignal source: https://dubai.renault.ae/vehicles/new-vehicles/zoe.html