Kite Festival Dubai 2021

Dubai Kite Festival

The good news for Dubai citizens as the Dubai International kite festival 2021 is going to start.

From 5 July to 6th August 2021 at beach canteen sunset beach, and voila its free of cost!!
The Kite Festival will show the outdoor spirit of Dubai in full swing, with kites in various colours and designs, flying across the sky,

and  it will offer families a visual treat like no other.
The visitors will get to see a beautiful view of the amazing aerial show performing kite flying, kite surfing, kite bugging, kiteboarding, sports kite flying, fly boarding, wakeboarding and night kite flying with illumination, which is absolutely jaw-dropping.
Many tourists like to come to Dubai to participate in this beautiful and colourful event, this event shows an outstanding view of hundreds of kites in different colours and shapes like teddy bears, crocodiles, cow, snakes, flowing through air.
There are also many activities like workshops on how to make kites, how to design and build kites, photography, face painting, and besides, a variety of delicious food, music and performances of dance and as well as for children.

The play area for children also arranged to make the event completely family event.
We bet you would not want to miss the chance to see skies over Jumeirah filled with so many different colours!

So this weekend just go out with your friends and family and enjoy the beautiful, enchanting and colourful event.

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