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The United Arab Emirates is made up of seven emirates and is situated at the entrance of the Arabian or Persian Gulf, on the eastern side of Arabian Peninsula. The emirates are magical in that they have modern development and roads are fantastic thus allowing for exciting drives especially if you are visiting and would want to sample the beauty of the coastlines on the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman.

There are many places to visit and a lot of attractions to sample including some of the world’s largest sand dunes located in Liwa Oasis area within the southern part of Abu Dhabi. There are also world class beaches on the eastern side, natural rock formations and archeological sites in Hajar Mountains not to mention the remote rugged Wadis located on the northern part of the emirates.

Car rentals are commonly used for travelling around the 7 emirates of U.A.E but you must be 21 years and above to rent a car in Dubai and drive along. This is in addition to the other legal requirements such as international driving license. Connecting between the emirates is easy and distances are shorter, plus the road network is superb. Among the many advantages is that renting a car in the emirates is cheaper that is the case with many other countries. There is need to be careful when driving along the U.A.E roads as many drivers tend to be a little bit reckless and this has led to a high death rate as a result of many road carnages.

You can travel the 7 Emirates in just 9 days. Plan a schedule like below. If you wish to go to attractions – spend 2 days more.

1st Day – Dubai around Dubai – if you are a shopping freak then keep 2 days to go around shopping malls in Dubai.
2nd Day – Visit to Sharjah and Ajman
3rd Day – Visit Umm-Al-Quwain
4th Day – Visit Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah
5th Day – Drive back to Dubai
6th Day – Visit Abu Dhabi – its just 1 hour travel from Dubai
7th Day – Go around Abu Dhabi attractions

You can enjoy the amazing Wadi bashing or desert safaris which are fantastic especially if you rent a four wheel drive vehicle. The federation of seven emirates is definitely a great place to be in especially if you are looking for superb holiday sports in the Middle East.

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