Are you seeking automobile rentals in Bahrain, how much do they cost, and where can you find them? Here is a guide to anything you might need afterward. A vehicle rental, hire car, or vehicle rental agency is a business that rents automobiles to the general public for short intervals, usually a few hours to several days. Car rental agencies make money by purchasing vehicles and renting them to consumers for a price. Rental agencies might also service the self-moving firm’s demands by rental vans as well as trucks, and in some locations, alternative kinds of mobility, such as motorbikes or bikes, could also be offered. Cheap Car Rental in Bahrain: Rent a car in Bahrain from the best sites […]

The sharp styling of the Mitsubishi Lancer has made it a fan favorite for car enthusiasts globally. Its aggressive stance and aerodynamic styling has made it an enduring icon in motorsports. The Mitsubishi Lancer boldly stands out against other cars of the segment like the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla. The sharp headlights, the wide grille and the sharp lines evokes an aura of masculinity, speed and performance.   Exterior Design The Mitsubishi Lancer comes in 7 different colors. The Warm Silver Metallic, Lightning Blue Mica, Red Metallic, Titanium Gray Metallic, Sterling Silver Metallic, White Solid and Black Mica. The General Exterior design of the Mitsubishi Lancer has greatly remained unchanged since its introduction but the current model of the […]

RTA has introduced a new scheme to generate the plate Numbers because existing scheme was not sufficient to accommodate the high demands of the new car’s registration. AS part of this initiative the plate’s design also needs to be in a certain format so all the existing number plates must be replaced with this new number plates. The new design comes in different sizes and colors and the prices are accordingly. Its two years plane to replace all the existing number plates, at the start the number plates starting with code A, B and C have to get a replacement until July this year. Please follow the following RTA website for further information and instructions to replace your car’s plate […]

Nissan Altima Reviewed by eZhire, so if you are planning to buy one, or rent please read our detailed analysis on it. The Altima is the midsize line up of Nissan featuring a Luxurious Interior, modern Instrument clusters, a sophisticated exterior styling that evokes sportiness and with a 5-star safety rating from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Nissan has maintained its strong market presence in the market and further reinforced by the dominance of the Nissan Patrol and the Altima. The Nissan badge on any vehicle exalts prestige because of its reliability in harsh conditions and relatively minimum maintenance requirements due to its High Standards of quality in manufacturing and […]

The good news for Dubai citizens as the Dubai International kite festival 2021 is going to start. From 5 July to 6th August 2021 at beach canteen sunset beach, and voila its free of cost!! The Kite Festival will show the outdoor spirit of Dubai in full swing, with kites in various colours and designs, flying across the sky, and  it will offer families a visual treat like no other. The visitors will get to see a beautiful view of the amazing aerial show performing kite flying, kite surfing, kite bugging, kiteboarding, sports kite flying, fly boarding, wakeboarding and night kite flying with illumination, which is absolutely jaw-dropping. Many tourists like to come to Dubai to participate in this beautiful […]

eZhire is working continuously to provide the best customer experience possible. In this journey to be the best, we thought we could provide an alternative solution by adding Renault Zoe – our first electric car to our fleet. Electric cars are the future of the automobile industry and we recognize that. Our Zoe is not just cost-effective, but also pollution-free! All About Renault Zoe: Renault Zoe’s first release was in 2012, equipped with a 22kWh lithium-ion battery which provided a battery-usable range of between 210 km to 240 km. In 2016 Renault introduced an optional 41kWh lithium-ion battery, which increased the range to 400 km under the NED cycle. Zoe was ranked among the world’s top 10 best-selling plug-in electric […]

Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It fulfils dreams of all types of travelers, especially the ones that love shopping, lazing around beaches, water sports enthusiasts. Dubai also offers various mouth-watering cuisines from across the globe. In addition to these attractions, Dubai has some exotic destinations with stunning landscapes that you should explore by traveling on road. Here, driving is treated as a part of life with the most luxurious cars adorning the roads of Dubai. Dubai offers a promise to travelers that the journey will be equal (if not better) to the destination itself. Here are some exciting places that you must travel by road in Dubai 1] Fujairah This is one of […]

Well the good news for UAE expats of 13 countries is that Citizens from these countries are now able to exchange their home driving license for one from the UAE, according to the “Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.” This means that now they don’t have to get a Driving License of UAE instead, they can convert their existing home country driving license to UAE’s Driving license. According to a list posted on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation’s website, these 13 countries are: 1. Austria 2. Slovakia 3. Luxembourg 4. China 5. Portugal 6. Finland 7. Romania 8. Denmark 9. Serbia 10. Poland 11. Netherlands 12. Latvia 13. Lithuania The addition of these countries now takes to […]

6 THINGS TO DO AT CHRISTMAS IN DUBAI:   Christmas is celebrated on the 25th December every year. It is a Christian festival celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and is traditionally characterized by tinsel-decorated trees, mince pies, present-giving and a turkey dinner. Families come together to eat, drink, be merry and argue over xmas TV, whereas children look forward to a visit from Santa Claus and his sack of presents. Nowadays Dubai is bursting with the festive spirit, After the national holidays, this is one festival that is big in the city. Here are five things to do in Dubai at Christmas: 1.Rent a car with eZhire: To enjoy the events and festival to the fullest in Dubai this Christmas, whether […]

Best Gadgets And Accessories For Your Car: Neck Pillow: It will help you keep your head in a correct and comfortable posture. You can always choose a neck pillow matching with your car interiors. Aromatherapy Humidifier: If your car smells good it can directly make your mood better and the journey a pleasant one. Wi-Fi Hotspot: In this increasingly interconnected age, having a constant Wi-Fi connection will bring a peace of mind for many. This is because we rely on Wi-Fi for almost everything, from the GPS on our phones to keeping our friends updated about our activities. GPS tracker: A GPS tracker connects with your smartphone to let you know the location of your vehicle at all times. While […]