2022 Travel App Recommendations in GCC

Traveling is usually exciting and fun, but it can be stressful at times. Getting lost in the city, doing the math for currency exchange, or waiting in long queues for a rental aren’t enjoyable experiences. Luckily, there are multiple apps that will help you alleviate the stress and organize your trip professionally. 

In this guide, you’ll find everything from ultimate car rental providers to traveling gurus. By keeping these apps on your phone, you can easily access much-needed recommendations or book your stays wisely. 

Let’s dive into 2022 travel app recommendations in GCC. 


eZhire car rental app

If you’re planning to travel to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, or the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), eZhire is the first app you should download. It’s a car rental service that simplifies the process of hiring a vehicle. 

Once you enter the app, you’ll see a vast library of luxury, fuel-efficient, and electric vehicles. You can pick out the model that suits your needs and budget. The best part is that you can have the car delivered to the desired location. 

eZhire is affordable compared to other rental agencies, enabling the tourists to enjoy private vehicles throughout their stay. 


App time shifter

TimeShifter is an excellent app for those who travel frequently. It boosts your productivity by countering the side effects of long flights. Analyzing the light cues recommends the optimal times for seeing or avoiding the light. 

This app helps your biological clock adjust to the new time zone easily. If you follow the suggested schedule, you’ll feel more relaxed throughout your whole journey. 

Even though TimeShifter isn’t completely free of charge, you do get the first jet lag plan for free. If you enjoy the app and see the actual results, you can then purchase the desired plan. 

Google Travel 

Google travel app

If you want to explore the GCC countries to the fullest, you have to download Google Travel. It includes useful recommendations about top attractions, food, activities, etc. You can plan your trip by checking out the flights and accommodation. 

Moreover, Google Travel displays Covid-19 travel updates, making it easier to see the regulations in your destination. This app also includes articles that will provide useful information for your travels. 

Google Travel is available offline, enabling you to access necessary suggestions whenever you want. 



Expedia combines the most important components of traveling: accommodation, flights, and cruises. You can select packages and search for flights and hotels at the same time. Not only can you check out available options, but you can book the accommodation, flights, or cruises from the app itself.

When you have all your reservations within a single app, it’s easier to double-check the dates to avoid missing the flight. 

On top, Expedia lists down the top attractions and activities in your destination country. That way, you can create your itinerary without having to make additional searches. 


Pack point logo


If you’re someone who carries two check-in suitcases for a 7-day trip, then PackPoint will be a perfect app for you. It’s for those who hate packing and organizing their luggage. 

This app checks the weather and plans your packing list depending on your activities. All you have to do is enter your destination, and the length of the stay, and answer a couple of simple questions. Once you’re done, you’ll have a list of all the important items. 

You can hide irrelevant options and add custom pieces. With the help of PackPoint, you’ll no longer forget chargers, headphones, and sunglasses for your trip to GCC countries. 

XE currency logo

Doing the currency math is the least favorite activity for tourists. That’s why it’s a good idea to have the XE Currency app on your phone. It provides access to updated currency rates at all times. 

But it’s not just a simple converter. It also allows you to send money in 65 currencies in more than 170 countries. 

With XE Currency you can select the exchange pairs you’re interested in and have them displayed within the app. You can receive alerts to make sure you have updated information about the rates. 


Hooper app logo

If you’re a budget traveler, you’ll fall in love with the Hopper app. It predicts price changes for your flights and hotels. It’s an amazing app for saving some money, as it allows you to buy tickets and reserve accommodation when the prices are the lowest. 

You can set alerts for different trips to make sure you don’t miss the cheap fares.  

With 2022 travel app recommendations in GCC, your next trip will be convenient, comfortable, and interesting. 

Check out Google Travel, PackPoint, and Expedia for ultimate recommendations. Get on Hopper to land the cheapest flight/hotel deals, open XE currency for live exchange rates, and use TimeShifter to avoid jet lag. 

Don’t forget to download eZhire to get the cheapest rates for your rental car. 


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