In the following blog post, we would explain how eZhire is different from the normal car rentals company in Dubai, UAE. eZhire is basically a technology company which provides a smart & efficient solution to the who want to rent a car. eZhire does not own a fleet of cars but it rather tied up with car rental companies and provide cars to its user on demand. As Uber does not own a single car but it is valued at USD $66 billion! Same as eZhire as it does’t own a single car of its own but it’s providing a solution to car rental companies and car rental consumers. With eZhire mobile application, the users just need to download the mobile application and get the car […]

Should I rent a car in Dubai or buy? How can I save cost? What`s the best option for me? These are some common question expats think of when they freshly move to UAE. We will expound a detailed comparative analysis between the both and help you reach a conclusion whether to rent a car or buy one. A key factor in reaching a decision will fractionally depend upon your personal preferences and situation but the subsequent points mentioned can be helpful for anyone to make a decision. Cost: Owning a car could be quite hectic and expensive. You may not be able to afford it at the first place or even if you can it can still make a […]